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St Philip Evans Catholic Primary School

We live the Gospel message as we worship, learn and play Dyn ni’n byw negas efengyl wrth i ni addoli, dysgu a chwarae

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Targed Chwech- Apps and Websites to Enhance Learning and Enjoyment

Welsh Apps and Websites


Below is a list of Welsh websites you can use, and  Apps you can download at home to practise Welsh in an engaging way!



APPS CYMRAEG-Foundation Phase

  1. Magi Ann Apps
  2. Betsan a Roco yn y Pentref
  3. Fflic a Fflac iBooks
  4. Welsh for kids and babies
  5. Cymraeg for kids App
  6. Pacca Alpaca
  7. Babog Baby
  8. CYW
  9. Tric a Chlic
  10. Welsh 4 kids- Colours and Shapes
  11. Ar y fferm
  12. Welsh Learning for Kids


  1. hAPus 1
  2. hAPus 2
  3. Campau Cosmig
  4. Campau Cosmig 2
  5. Codi Hwyl
  6. Guto Nyth Bran
  7. Sillafu (Spelling)
  8. Brawddegau (Sentences)
  9. Amser (Time)
  10. Anagramau (Anagrams)
  11. Dewi Sant
  12. English Welsh Translator
  13. Offline English Welsh Dictionary
  14. Geiriadur Gorau Saesneg Cymraeg
  15. Ap Geiriaduron

Reception love watching the Flic a Flac DVD

Reception enjoy using Welsh apps to enhance their Welsh language skills

Blwyddyn 4 love using apps and software to support their Welsh language development

Our pupils in Key Stage 2 using the Hwb discussion tool to ask and answer questions in Welsh.

Our super SWOGs and Criw Cymraeg reading with the Foundation Phase

3 6 4 4 8 7 Visitors