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St Philip Evans Catholic Primary School

We live the Gospel message as we worship, learn and play Dyn ni’n byw negas efengyl wrth i ni addoli, dysgu a chwarae

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Our Catholic Life

Our Class Mass

St Vincent de Paul 


We celebrated our class mass on the Feast day of St Vincent de Paul. We prepared for the mass in class, and we wrote our own bidding prayers for the mass. In addition to this we worked hard with Mrs Roberts to learn our hymns and rehearse them so we were confident and our singing sounded beautiful. In our mass Father Lawrence talked to us all about St Vincent de Paul and how he is such an inspiration to us. Father Lawrence taught us all about how St Vincent de Paul is recognised for his compassion for the poor and the people in need. 

The Mini Vinnies joined us and they showed a special video with the things they do for others as part of their committee. 

After the mass, we talked about how special it was to celebrate as a class and how lucky we felt that Father Lawrence joined us for such a lovely service and to help us with our faith. We have thought about our mission going forward and what we will do to be like St Vincent de Paul and help people in need. 





In this topic we explored the family tree of Jesus. We started by looking at our own family trees. Throughout the topic, we looked at different, special people in Jesus' family tree and learnt their stories. 




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