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St Philip Evans Catholic Primary School

We live the Gospel message as we worship, learn and play Dyn ni’n byw negas efengyl wrth i ni addoli, dysgu a chwarae

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Our Faith

Our virtues for June and July are:

Faith filled and Hopeful

We need to have faith in those who are close to us-our family and friends.

We need to have faith in ourselves.

We need to have faith in the communities to which we belong, especially our school community.



We need to be hopeful by seeing and hearing hopeful adults.

We need to step out from our comfort zones sometimes and believe that God will help us face our challenges. 

Can you see examples of us being faith filled and hopeful?

Designing Fratelli Tutti ( Brothers and Sisters All) logos.

We are stewards of God’s earth, just as Pope Francis asks us to be. Here are some poems linked to the right of all to clean water.

Year 3 Class Chaplains share their Ascension prayer with year group.

Year 3 Lenten Liturgy

Join us as we describe the total giving at Jesus for us all.

Year 3 Advent Service 2020

Year 3 are using different ways to pray and develop a closer relationship with God. Here we are using the Mission Together prayer for the realisation of Global Goals.

In our Sacramental topic on Baptism, we have been learning about the importance of the naming part of the service. We wrote our own Litany of Saints that could be read at a Baptism.

We enjoyed finding out about Saint Therese of Lisieux in France.

Our new Come and See topic began this week called ‘Promises.’
Please find below some topic information that we would like to share with you.


Our lives are marked by many different experiences of being welcomed into new situations and groups.

We recognise the importance of welcome, of feeling comfortable with new situations and belonging to new groups. We belong to families, to work places and to social groupings.


Christians believe that everyone is invited to share in the lifeand work of God through Baptism. The Bible recounts God’s invitations to people to share in his life and work: among them Moses, Samuel, the prophets, Mary and the apostles.


“Through Baptism, men and women are incorporated into Christ. They are formed into God’s people and they obtain the forgiveness of all their sins. They become a new creation through water and the Holy Spirit. Hence they are called andare indeed children of God. Signed with the gift of the Spirit in Confirmation, Christians more perfectly become the image of their Lord and are filled with the Holy Spirit. They bear witness to him before all the world and eagerly work for the building up of the body of Christ.” (General Introduction to the Rite of the Christian Initiation of Adults)



Prayer and Reflection to say together as a family...


Almighty and eternal God,

you keep together those you have united. 

Look kindly on all who follow Jesus your Son.

We are all consecrated to you by our common baptism;

make us one in the fullness of faith

and keep us one in the fellowship of love. 


(Prayer for Various Occasions: for Unity of Christians)



As we think about October being a special month to honour Mary, our Mother, these are the first children to bring in their rosaries, from home, to help in praying our daily decade.

Welcome to our class page where we will share all our learning from Come and See and our Pupil Virtues. 

Our first topic in our Come and See learning is ‘Homes.’ We are learning about what God wants our family life to be like- how we should treat each other and expect to be treated in return. We are learning about St Paul and the letters that he wrote offering advice. 


Our current Pupil Profile Virtues are ‘ Curious and Active.’ 

Here is our Curious and Active virtues tree. We have all contributed to this as we wrote on leaves 🍁 about how we should be curious and active in our world.

Here is some of our Come and See work from Isabella and Jeneisha.

Discussing roles and responsibilities in families.

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