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St Philip Evans Catholic Primary School

We live the Gospel message as we worship, learn and play Dyn ni’n byw negas efengyl wrth i ni addoli, dysgu a chwarae

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The Fairtrade Committee 2023/2024

The Fairtrade Committee 2023-2024 at St Philip Evan's RC Primary School are committed in promoting Fairtrade in our school and the local community. We understand that supporting Fairtrade will help ensure that farmers are treated fairly and equally and with dignity and respect.


We are proud to hold the highest level of Fairtrade award at St Philip Evans which is the FairAchiever Award. We hold this award as we fully embed Fairtrade into the daily running of our school life and work hard to raise awareness in the local community.


The Fairtrade Committee 2022/2023

The Fairtrade Committee 2020/2021

"The fields of the poor may produce abundant food, but injustice sweeps it away."

(Proverbs 13:23)


At St Philip Evans we are proud to be a Fairtrade school. Our committee works hard to promote the values of the Fairtrade Foundation, which in turn helps us to live out our Pupil Profile values being 'Active' in our faith, by making a Fairtrade choice this means that we are actively supporting the needs of others. 

If you buy a Fairtrade product you know that the producer of that product has been paid fairly for the hard work they have put into it. Buying Fairtrade helps vulnerable communities to help themselves,  this means that they can use the money to invest in their local communities and make sure that producers have decent working and living conditions. 

By supporting Fairtrade we are showing witness to our faith and living out one of Jesus' key messages, 'love your neighbour as you love yourself.' and helping to make the world a better place to live in for everyone. 


Our Fairtrade committee meets every week to plan events and make sure that the Fairtrade message is spread throughout our school and wider community. 





In Rights Respecting Schools week the Fairtrade ugh about all of the rights that thenFairtrade Foundation helps producers all over the world to achieve! Look how important it is to support Fairtrade! 

Meet the committee 2020/2021

Welcome to Fairtrade 2019-20
Welcome to the Fairtrade page, as a committee we have been working hard this year to maintain our status as a Fairtrade school. Last year the committee worked really hard to renew our status with the Fairtrade Foundation and it was a huge success we have been granted the Fair Achiever Award which means that we have achieved the top level of success. We would like to thank everyone who helped to support us in our many sales last year. 
Fairtrade Assembly 
The Fairtrade committee shared the important messages about why we should buy FAIRTRADE products in an assembly. Fairtrade Fred told us that buying Fairtrade products means that lives are protected and producers will have a better future, not only is it a good choice but it’s also an easy one, there are plenty of Fairtrade choices to look out for. If we make the swap to Fairtrade we can be super heroes just like Fred! 
Fairtrade bake for Christmas
The Fairtrade committee have been busy baking Fairtrade gingerbread ready for our sale on Friday. We used Fairtrade brown sugar, ginger, cinnamon, molasses as well as butter and flour and Mrs Powling helped  us to mix the ingredients and bake them into yummy gingerbread! Once the gingerbread was baked we used lots of delicious sprinkles, icing and chocolate chips to decorate the shapes and get them ready to sell. 
Some of us have been to Fair Dos to choose items to sell at the Christmas Fayre. Whilst we were there we also bought some Fairtrade products to help with baking our gingerbread. Look out for our stall at the Christmas Fayre! 

Fairtrade Christmas Sale

The Fairtrade committee have been busy preparing for our Christmas sale. We have been preparing to visit the FairDos shop to collect items to sell to raise money for the Fairtrade Foundation and designing posters advertising our event. Look out for the posters that will tell you some more about our Festive Gingerbread decorating stall! 

Festive gingerbread sale preparations

Fairtrade Article

Click the link to read the article that we wrote after reading the First News article about the impact of the agricultural industry and how Fairtrade can help to stop this. 

The Fairtrade committee have been reading an article in First News about the impact of the agricultural industry on the farmers and producers who grow the things that we enjoy; the article focussed particularly on the chocolate industry. We learnt that over 108million children around the world are forced to work in the agricultural industry. We don’t think this is FAIR because that means that those children are being denied their right to an education. So what can we do to help? We can support Fairtrade because if you buy any product that has a Fairtrade logo you know that children have not been allowed to be used in order to produce it. 

In our committee meetings we have been working collaboratively to create a Fairtrade directory of different products that you can buy at home to help to support the Fairtrade foundation and the growers and producers around the world who make the lovely things that we all enjoy. 

Fair Trade! 


This year we have been really busy in the Fair Trade committee. We have updated our action plan and made a new school policy. 


As a committee we decided that we would like to host a Fair Trade breakfast so we wrote to Waitrose to ask if they could support us, because Waitrose support the Fair Trade movement, lots of their own products support Fair Trade. We asked them if they could donate some bananas to us so that we could have a Fair Trade breakfast and they said yes. Our breakfast was a huge success and we raised £50 for Fair Trade and we are going to use the money to buy some Fair Trade balls. 

We have also decided that we will host Fair Trade bananas and toast one Friday each month since everyone enjoyed it so much!

We have written a letter and made card to say a big THANK YOU to Waitrose for supporting us. 

We are the Fairtrade Committee

The Fairtrade committee have been busy making fact files all about the things that we have learnt this year about why it is important to support Fairtrade! 

The Fairtrade committee has shared an assembly with KS2 where they have been able to share the key messages of Fairtrade and why it is important that we help support their work. We have shared how the Fairtrade Foundation has been helping chocolate farmers in Ghana and the Ivory Coast who produce 60% of all of the worlds chocolate! Look out for the Fairtrade logo on your favourite chocolate bars! 

We hosted a Fairtrade breakfast of bananas on toast 🍌 

It was delicious and we managed to raise £50 for Fairtrade. We wanted to say a big THANK YOU! To Waitrose who kindly donated the bananas for us to use so we've made a thank you card.

If you would like to support the Fair Trade movement yourselves at home, look at all of the different suppliers who support Fair Trade.

Fair Trade Group Meetings

Look at all our AMAZING Fairtrade Events we've organised for Fairtrade Fortnight!








Gorgeous Fairtrade fruit on Sale

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