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St Philip Evans Catholic Primary School

We live the Gospel message as we worship, learn and play Dyn ni’n byw negas efengyl wrth i ni addoli, dysgu a chwarae

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In our Science work we have been asking the big question: Did the Romans use toilet paper? We wanted to test the best method of Roman toilet roll, would it be leaves, pebbles, moss, a sponge or our left hand? We have done an experiment to find out. Here we are putting the different materials to the test! (Our left hands seemed to do the job quite nicely).
This term in RE we have been learning all about Pentecost, we had to pretend to be one of Jesus' friends and imagine how they would have felt when Jesus left to go back to Heaven and when the Holy Spirit came down and gave us gifts. Here we are showing how we would have felt as a friend of Jesus.We went outside to talk to each other in different languages just like the friends of Jesus. 

We have been learning about Pentecost.

In year 3 we have had a very busy start to the Spring term, we have been continuing our recorder lessons on Wednesdays and have started our new context for learning Gods and Gladiators, we are learning all about the Celts and the Romans. 
We have been on an educational visit to Castell Henllys in Pembrokeshire where we lived like a Celt for the day. 


We have been learning about direction in our maths lessons. Some of us took our learning outside. We had to direct our partners around the playground using our compass directions as well as left and right turns to find objects that we had placed around. 




We have been doing lots of exciting things so far this term in Year 3!


In our context for learning our topic is Love Where You Live. We are learning all about our local area and comparing it to a village in India called Chembakolli.


We have been to the garden to set up a weather station so that we can measure the weather here in school and compare it to the weather in India. We have also been on a learning walk around the school looking for the main features. We used the information that we have collected using our iPads to make a map of the school, we have been learning about co-ordinates, direction and developing our map skills. 

This year we celebrate the birth of Roald Dahl one of our favourite authors. 
We celebrated Dahlicious day in style in year 3. Lots of us made a real effort to dress as our favourite character, we wrote our dreams for the BFG, drew self portraits in the style of Quentin Blake and went down to Reception class to share stories with the children from Reception. 





In English we have started reading our class novel Storm. We have been writing stormy poetry and thinking about adjectives that we might use to describe a storm. 


In RE we have been studying our topic 'Homes' we have been learning about our homes, the people in them our families, and the Christian family that we all belong to. 

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