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St Philip Evans Catholic Primary School

We live the Gospel message as we worship, learn and play Dyn ni’n byw negas efengyl wrth i ni addoli, dysgu a chwarae

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Bl 6 are feeling inspired by the mystery surrounding Amelia Earhart's death and writing diary entries.

Author's Chair

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In Year 6 we have been presenting to the class, developing our oracy skills and focusing on showing awareness of audience and purpose. Gabriel shares his passion for art with us.

Top Tips for Reading- This week we have been sharing reading tips with Year 4.

Eye of the wolf

This week in Year 6 we have been using the Habit of mind ‘listening with understanding and empathy’ to write from the point of view of a character. In our class novel ‘Eye of the wolf’ we learn about a pack of wolves who are afraid of hunters. We made sure to include thoughts, feelings and rhetorical questions as we wrote from the point of view of the different wolves.

Blue Wolf

Humans, well, they are only out here to profit off our losses. We are hunted down, not being able to settle, not because of the weather or natural causes. No it’s simply because of their greed!


Black flame

They aim for our defeat. They are savages, killing for no apparent reason apart from their endless greed. There is no heart but only hunger, an endless need for more.



I am scared. Every few weeks I am forced out of my home. We can never settle down. We used to live happily but now our lives are full of nothing but fear and anger. They are nothing but 2 legs and a gun. Why do they need our fur anyway?  What is different about ours than any other animals?


Shiny Straw.

I AM BORED. We have nothing to do. Hunt, run, sleep, hunt, run, sleep, hunt, run, sleep. It feels like every morning I go back in time to the day before and experience the same thing over and over. I want to see a human myself. Everyone has a positive side. Surely the humans have to?  Black flame thinks this is a bad idea but I think it isn’t. Anyway they are after me I would be doing them a favour leaving.


By Tyler


IKEA’s plan to ‘Save our planet’

As part of our ‘Save our planet’ context we have been looking at a sustainable scheme which IKEA have introduced over the past couple of years called ‘Live LAGOM’. We worked interdependently to carry out a reciprocal reading activity to gather information about this scheme. To show our understanding of writing a non-chronological report we planned a report entitled ‘IKEA: Live Lagom’. We planned this collaboratively using the information we had gathered in a tree map.


A couple of years ago IKEA introduced their new programme called Live Lagom. This programme shows us how and why we should save energy so that our world will be a better place for everyone to live. For example, we can grow plants and use solar panels so that we save more energy and make our world a better place for future generations. ‘Lagom ar bast’ means ‘the right amount is just enough’.

Case study Tristan

There is a story that I am going to share with you about Tristan who was a young boy who decided to join the live logam movement and knew what he was going to do to show much he cares about our world. So one day he decided that he wanted to buy more sustainable products so he found that there were cracks in the floor of his bedroom so he decided that instead of having the heating on all day so that he is not cold he decided that he was going to buy rugs to put on his floor to keep him warm.  We should all try and do this because we shouldn’t take more than what we need and sometimes the simplest things in life make the most impact.

How does live lagom help the planet ?

Live Lagom helps the planet by making sure that we all have a fair share of materials for example water and all the other necessary things that we need in life so that we can live a healthy and happy life. Currently we are taking more than we need and this isn’t fair because people in poorer countries don’t have enough money to buy windows or drinking healthy fresh water because we are using too much of it. If we all become apart off the live lagom movement we would have a happy world where everyone took only what they needed and not just what you want and all of the resources in our world would be spread out equally among all people and we would be treating the world the way it was mad to be treated. For example, Live LAGOM helps us to save water because IKEA have produced showers which are 30% more energy efficient but they don’t have an impact on power.

By Luke

Eye of the Wolf- Writing from a Character's Point of View 


My name is Blue Wolf. My past was full of misery and despair, considering I used to be a curious young boy. My miserable past makes me feel down and lonely, I roam around my prison-like cage with nothing but bad memories of my father and mother; my past will tell you that, I have always, and will always hate humans, they are the reason I spend most of my time walking down memory lane, remembering the suffering and pain that I experienced, because of them. I am now scarred for life. I have lost nearly everything on my journey to the zoo. There is never a day that goes by where I don’t remember the pain that the humans have caused me to experience.

On the other hand, this unknown human has been stood there for a countless amount of time, doing nothing but staring, ever since he has stood there, his eyes haven’t flinched an inch; What does he want from me ?  

By Ann Marie 

Dydd Mawrth 12ed Mis Mawrth

W.A.L.T: Identify solutions to reduce plastic pollution.


- Describe specific solutions.

- Explain how the solutions will reduce pollution.

- Include facts and figures.

St Philip Evans School,

Coed - Y – Gores,


CF23 9NX


Tuesday 12th of March

Dear Miss Stevens,

                        I am writing to you to talk about my concerns about plastic pollution and the effect that it is having on the environment and Earth that we live in. Plastic has caused many creatures to suffer because of our actions and I strongly believe that others shouldn’t suffer because of our careless actions. Would you like to be paying the price for someone else’s actions?

Plastic pollution has become a huge global issue and is effecting many people in the world and sometimes even us. I have noticed that an indescribable amount of plastic has entered the ocean and beaches. I understand that communities have been playing their part and collecting the plastic but I can I also notice that the plastic in our ocean can float through the ocean, hurt sea creatures and can even end up at the other side of the world. This will mean that those in other countries will have to clean up our mess. I have found out that at least 8 million tons of plastic enters the ocean every year ( and this is extremely concerning. More than 50 percent sea turtles have consumed plastic ( as well. I hope you have realised some of the damage that plastic is causing and how it affects people and animals.

Even though getting rid of plastic as a whole can be challenging, I have some solutions on how to decrease the damage it makes and how much of it we use. We could make sure we reuse plastic products such as plastic bottles and this is something that we can do easily, so we just need some reminders to make sure that this happens. I would also encourage people to use alternatives to plastic such as steel to make sur we don’t produce that much plastic and so we can’t be wasting that much. I also have another solution that I think will really help reduce the problems that we have with plastic. I know that plastic normally takes 1000 years to decompose. I would be very thankful if you and the council could ask some engineers and scientist if they can create a ma chine to help plastic decompose quicker or a machine that makes plastic bottles that have been the sea, usable and that can be used again that is recyclable.

I hope that you realise my concerns and that you will do your best to make sure plastic doesn’t damage our community.


 Yours sincerely

Annsa Jaison


Dwi’ n meistroli achos I was able to use all the features of persuasive writing to write a letter

Purple Perfection- Editing and Improving 


In Year 6 we have written diary entries from the point of view of an evacuee. We used our red ‘feelings’ hat to imagine how an evacuee would feel in this situation and used hot seating to share ideas. We then worked collaboratively to identify sentences which we thought could be improved and used a purple pen to edit and improve these sentences. The strategies we used to improve our sentences were adding in words (including adjectives and adverbs) and dropping in information (using embedded clauses). The habit of mind we used was ‘Remaining opening to continuous learning’. Here are some examples of our original and improved sentences:


Miss Fazackerley called out the register.

Miss Fazackerley, who was the kindest teacher in the school, called out the long register.

My suitcase held my arms down.

My dreadfully heavy suitcase held down my arms and it felt like I was holding the whole world.

I was walking towards the train.

I walked anxiously towards the train.


By Antonina

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