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St Philip Evans Catholic Primary School

We live the Gospel message as we worship, learn and play Dyn ni’n byw negas efengyl wrth i ni addoli, dysgu a chwarae

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What is Penpals for Handwriting?

Penpals for Handwriting is a complete handwriting scheme for 3–11 year olds, offering clear progression through five developmental stages. It teaches children a fast and fluent handwriting style to help them achieve their potential in writing.


Why we have chosen Penpals

A fluent, legible style
Progression from 3-11 yrs
5 clear developmental stages
Sensible links for application
Interactive and multisensory
Easy to use
Delivers results​​​​​​​
A flexible, fluent and legible handwriting style empowers children to write with confidence and creativity.
Handwriting should be skilfully taught with a careful progression.
Handwriting should be practised both discretely and in the context of other learning.
Associating handwriting movement with visual letter patterns and aural phonemes will help children learn to spell.
It is important that all staff follow the scheme for consistency.

Penpals leads children through five distinct stages:

1.Physical preparation for handwriting
(Nursery and Reception / 3–5 years)
2.Securing correct letter formation
(Year 1/5–6 years)
3.Beginning to join
(Year 2/6–7 years)
4.Securing the joins
(Years 3 and 4/7–9 years)
5.Speed, fluency and developing a personal style
(Years 5 and 6/9–11 years)

1. Physical Preparation for Handwriting

Penpals for Handwriting Year 2 handwriting homework

Penpals for Handwriting Year 3 handwriting homework

Penpals for Handwriting Year 4 handwriting homework

Penpals for Handwriting Year 5 & 6 handwriting homework

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