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St Philip Evans Catholic Primary School

We live the Gospel message as we worship, learn and play Dyn ni’n byw negas efengyl wrth i ni addoli, dysgu a chwarae

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Y1 Lenten Service 2021


St. Philip Evans Virtues - Generous & Grateful

During home learning we have been focusing on this terms St. Philip Evans virtues Grateful & Generous. We have been exploring how we can grow to be grateful for our gifts and for the gifts of others. We have also been exploring how to grow to be generous with our gifts to help others. During daily prayer we have been thinking about everything we have to be grateful for. Our family, friends, food, clean water, a safe place to live, education and our talents. We also thought about the word ‘generous’ and what generous looks like. Generous is to give to others, giving to charity, giving time, giving kindness, giving love and giving our talents to help others. We listened to a generous story about Jesus to help us understand what giving means. We listened to the story of Jesus feeding the 5000. The story of Jesus feeding the 5000 has a message and meaning that still holds very true to today. The story tells us to be generous to those in need, and to provide them with the sustenance of God. With Jesus showing generosity and giving his time and food, he wants others to follow his lead and do the same. We retold the story at home.


In addition to be being generous we also explored how we can be grateful. There are lots of people who are working extremely hard to keep our country safe. We are very grateful. We created posters to show how grateful we are for all key workers and wrote our own grateful prayers.


To celebrate what we are grateful for, one of our pupil voice activities this week was to share our gifts with our classmates. We shared via seesaw our talents and used daily prayer to say thankyou for these talents. We have been very impressed with musical instrument talents and sporting talents that we were not aware of. 

Spring 1 - Special People

We have been learning that there are special people in our lives who are there to help us.  We explored special people in our families, school and community and shared our special people on seesaw. We found out the special jobs that special people do at Mass on Sunday when the parish family gather together to listen to God’s word. We have been learning that Jesus is the most special person we know. We listened to two stories about Jesus’ journey to the temple, as a baby and as a 12 year old boy. Please see our amazing home learning video.



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Christmas Play


Our Christmas play was called 'Children of the World'. We shared the story of the different traditions from around the world that children from different countries celebrate to welcome baby Jesus. We have so many different traditions but we all love the same baby, baby Jesus.

Autumn 2: Come and See - Waiting
Advent is a time of waiting in joyful hope for Jesus; it encourages us to wait for Christ who comes each day and who will come in a special way at the end of time. 
Prior learning: Advent: looking forward to Christmas, the birthday of Jesus. 
This Topic: learning outcomes
Know and understand:

  • About the times that it is necessary to wait and the use of that time - Explore
  • That Advent is a time of waiting to celebrate Jesus' coming at Christmas - Reveal 

Acquire the skills of assimilation celebration and application of the above - Respond

Global Goals

We have been learning about Global Goals. Global goals focus on the solutions and action we need to tackle poverty, inequality, injustice and climate change. First we talked about what a goal is. We agreed that a goal is something we want to achieve. The goal we focussed on this week was ‘Zero Hunger.’

 Our current topic in year 1 is scrumptious. During this topic we have been discussing all the delicious foods we like to eat. However, we discussed that not all people in the world have enough food and sadly feel hungry and get poorly. As a group, we wrote a prayer asking God to help those in need. We thought of some key words we could use in our prayer.

Autumn: Come and See - Belonging


We talked about different clubs and groups that we belong to in school, at church and in the neighbourhood e.g. swimming, Rainbows, Beavers, Choir, Rugby etc. We thought about what it feels like to belong to the group.  We used our ICT skills to design a badge to show ‘belonging’. Our School badge reminds us that we all belong to St Philip Evans RC Primary School. 

We recognised that Jesus loved children and welcomed them. Jesus said “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these”. Mark 10: 13. We added speech bubbles to the picture to record the conversation between Jesus and the children. We recognised that the children sitting near Jesus would be feeling happy and excited.

We talked about a new baby coming home and how it is made welcome in the family where it belongs. The Church family also gathers to welcome the new baby, who through Baptism belongs to the Church family. We brought in pictures from home of our own baptisms.

We are able to recognise and use some religious words and phrases used in Baptism, such as ‘I baptised you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of The Holy Spirit’. Next week we are looking forward to visiting the local church in order to identify the baptismal font.


We belong to St. Philp Evans Primary School.

We know our school mission statement 

"We live the Gospel Message, as we Worship, Learn and Play'

Our school badge reminds us that we belong to this school.

We also belong to year 1.

Autumn 1: FAMILIES 
Families – God’s love and care for every family.

Our summer learning task was to create a family tree. The children brought in some photographs of their families and talked about what they do and how they show love and care. We displayed our family photos in our classroom and around our class alter.  During our collective worship we gathered around the alter. We had a quiet moment together to reflect on and appreciate: All that is done in the family to show love and care, and someone in our families we want to thank for loving us so much. We were able to recognise the stories and psalms which reveal God’s love and care. We decorated the thanksgiving psalm and wrote our own psalm thanking God for his love.


During this topic we learning about:


  • God loves and cares for everyone.
  • We can trust God.
  • Jesus was part of a loving family.
  • The importance of prayers
  • Psalms help us pray and think about God.
  • God cares for us as a loving parent.


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