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St Philip Evans Catholic Primary School

We live the Gospel message as we worship, learn and play Dyn ni’n byw negas efengyl wrth i ni addoli, dysgu a chwarae

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Celebrating Home Learning Success

Year 6 were asked to create a game or quiz for their well-being task. This game was to be played with their families during lockdown. Ethan designed this excellent St. Philip Evans board game! It is an extremely creative idea and design.

Year 6 were challenged to design their own renewable source of energy!

As part of our new Come and See topic 'Healing' we have been writing prayers for those in need. Below you have Honeytta and Oriel's prayers.

Celebrating Week 7 - We have focused on deforestation as the main theme across our literacy, numeracy and context tasks this week.

Emil's Welsh Weather Report

Mission Together Poems


In our RE learning this week we have found out about Mrs Maricho, a witness to our faith, who set up a school on the island of Natandol with the help of the missionary. We wrote acrostic poems using the word 'Mission' to explain how Mrs Maricho has inspired us. 


    May all 

    In the world

    Send and 

    Share love towards each other 

    In the darkest times and 

    On the brightest days

    Never shall we forget our love we share as a World and community.




May everybody on Earth listen true

In an island called Natandol

Sea bright and blue, collected then

Share together with every man, women and even childrens too. But...

Ill and poor children are discriminated everyday which is why the

Organisation called ‘Mission Together’ is clearing weather to let the sun shine on

Natandol, so can you help stop these children’s lives from being dull!





Seren yr Wythnos 6KD 15.5.20

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Pentecost Art

In Bl6 this week we have been creating petal art work. We gathered petals and leaves from our daily walks. Here are Ethan and Marc's pieces of art.

Stars of the week 6KD 7.5.20

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Celebrating Week 5 learning

Celebrating VE Day - Emil's poster encouraging people to be kind


In BL6 we watched a video about Pentecost and completed a Google Quiz. We then used what we had learnt to complete an advert for the Catholic Church. Here is Francis' advert:



It is time for you to get baptised! It is time for you to learn about the Messiah’s teachings. 


It’s time for you to be more like Jesus. It’s time for you to be forgiven.

Be like the prophets that came before us and learn about the hardships that they went through to be closer to God for you to be just as close to God as him.


Be like Jesus and visit your nearest church

Not too far away from you!

But they’re always on the move spreading God’s word everywhere!


Become a friend of Jesus while you spread the word of God to everyone!


Listen to the word and spread it while you are being enlightened by the Holy Spirit the living God on Earth.


They will teach you the way of God.

Ser Yr Wythnos 6LD 1.5.20

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Star of the week 6KD 1.5.20

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Christy's Newspaper Report

Star of the week 6KD wb 20.4.20

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Star of the week 6KD wb 20.4.20

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Stars of the Week 6LD wb 20.04.20

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Congratulations to our home learning superstars this week!


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