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St Philip Evans Catholic Primary School

We live the Gospel message as we worship, learn and play Dyn ni’n byw negas efengyl wrth i ni addoli, dysgu a chwarae

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Our Faith

Gweddiwn- We planned and shared our Lenten acts of worship

Laudato Si- Care for our Common Home. Class Assembly



In Bl6 we have started our new ‘Come and See’ topic which is entitled, ‘Sources.’ We have been discussing the types of books we enjoy to read and the books we have read which have influenced our lives. We discussed different genres of writing and used the Habit of mind, ‘Creating, imagining and innovating’ to carry out a survey to gather and interpret data about our favourite types of books. We wrote book reviews and recommended our books to other children in the class. We identified different genres, came up with examples, and sorted our favourite books into categories.


Alfie : An example of a historical fiction book that I have read is, ‘Carrie’s War.’ I gave this book 4/5 because it builds  suspense and I was trying to predict what was going to happen as I was reading. This book has influenced my life because it helps me to understand the importance of caring for my siblings.   


Emily: A book which has influenced my life is my Science encyclopaedia. It has taught me all about the human body and has helped me with my school work and Science investigations. This book has influenced my life because it has inspired me to learn more about the way the world works.


Isabella: An example of an action fantasy book that I have read is ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ by JK Rowling. I would give this book 5/5 and recommend it to a friend because it is entertaining and it holds the reader’s interest throughout. It is so exciting. You can’t wait to read the next chapter. chapter.

Advent prayer writing toolkit

Visit to synagogue - Learning about other faiths

6KD Remembrance day Assembly

Vocation and commitment 


 Father Gareth came to talk to Year 6 about his journey to becoming a priest. He spoke to us about the commitment he has made and continues to make. Father Gareth went into detail about his calling from God and when he knew it was his mission to be a priest. We found out that life for priests is extremely busy and they have many tasks to complete. For example, missionary work, performing sacraments and helping people to become Catholics. We asked Father Gareth some questions.

Can a woman be a priest? –Luke Sherwin

No, in the Bible it suggests that we should follow exactly as Jesus was. However, there are many special roles for women with the Church. Some women become a consecrated sister.

How can you become a Nun? – Gabriel

To become a Nun you need to commit your life fully for God and you can never leave the monastery. Some nuns make money by making the bread used for Communion. If you are interested in becoming a Nun you can first visit the monastery and may be invited to stay for the weekend.

How does it feel to not be able to get married or have a family of your own? – Linda

Father Gareth said that he doesn’t feel like he is missing out because he feels it would be very nerve-wracking to have to bring up children of your own! However, Father Gareth finds it more natural to him to look after a parish of 300! Father Gareth has 5 God children which he keeps in touch with. Father Gareth said it has sometimes been difficult since he has fallen in love however he knows for him the Church is the right decision and the priesthood is his vocation.

How has a priest become a Bishop? – Annsa

There is a special person in the Church who makes a list of Priests that he thinks would make a suitable Bishop. When the current Bishop dies one of these priests receives a phone call asking him to become a Bishop.

Do you plan on becoming a Bishop or Archbishop? – Szymon

It’s not something you can plan. Father Gareth is always joyful doing whatever task he receives since he knows it is God’s plan for him.

6LD Loving Assembly

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