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St Philip Evans Catholic Primary School

We live the Gospel message as we worship, learn and play Dyn ni’n byw negas efengyl wrth i ni addoli, dysgu a chwarae

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Additional Tasks

Mrs Roberts' Musical Challenges

Five little ducks - Sing Up and Sign

Year One can you sing the song Five Little Ducks and copy the sign language at the same time.
Good luck!

The Tadpole Song

Year One, can you put some actions to this lovely song about tadpoles

Year One it's time to sing and dance to the Wake Up song. Can you put in all the actions and sing with a clear, loud voice? Good luck!

Year One it's time to sing a song all about a beautiful rainbow. Can you remember to out all the colours in the correct order?

PE (Mrs Jones)

Mighty Netball- Fun throwing and catching drills and games



Gymnastics- practice your shapes using the fortune teller.

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