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St Philip Evans Catholic Primary School

We live the Gospel message as we worship, learn and play Dyn ni’n byw negas efengyl wrth i ni addoli, dysgu a chwarae

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Year 4 visit Greenmeadow Farm!

Image result for fairtrade fortnight


We have been thinking about how we can buy and eat more FAIRTRADE products to help farmers all around the world. We designed 'Big Breakfast' posters to encourage people to buy FAIRTRADE products for their breakfast. Take a look at the winners and runners up below with their posters!

Year 4 had a great time during our Eisteddfod!

We learnt the song 'Ar hyd y nos' to perform in front of KS2 along with sign language. 

“I liked singing the song and I won a certificate for my painting!” Kacper


“My highlight was when the Year 6’s performed their drama!” Ryan


“My favourite part was when we sang Franz o wlad Awstria because everyone was laughing over the actions” Eryn


“I liked the part when Year 6 and Year 5 did their performances!” Gabby


“I liked the part when I was crowned for winning the poetry competition. This was my highlight because I’ve never won before” Aneeta


“My favourite part about the Eisteddfod assembly was when we were singing and competing against all of the other houses.” Ben

In our art lessons in Year 4S, we have been looking at the work of famous Welsh artists. We studied paintings from Welsh artists such as Dorian Spencer Davies, Martyn Evans and Gayle Rogers. We took a class vote and decided that Dorian Spencer Davies was our favourite artist. We then created our own paintings based on the work by Dorian Spencer Davies. We identified the key features of his work such as watercolour paints, ink outlines, curved lines and gradient shading. We also recognised that Dorian Spencer Davies includes famous landmarks in Wales such as Cardiff Bay and The Gower.


Field trip to the Maelfa shopping centre

In Year 4, as part of our context topic ‘Love Where You Live’ we have been looking at our local area of Llanedeyrn. This week we went on an educational visit to the Maelfa shopping centre to conduct a human geography investigation. We wanted to find out why the Maelfa is no longer a busy shopping place, understand different land uses and also find out about different shopping habits at the Maelfa.


During our time at the Maelfa we had to complete three main activities. Our first activity was to complete a sketch map of the Maelfa shopping centre. To do this we used our knowledge of compass points, positional language and directional vocabulary.


Our second task was to complete a ‘Customer Questionnaire’ that we had desinged.We made sure that our questionnaire had open, closed and multiple choice questions. We made sure that when we were approaching members of the public to ask them if they would complete our questionnaire, we did it politely and safely. Our questionnaire contained the following questions:
How many times a week do you visit the Maelfa shopping centre?
2) Why do you come to the Maelfa shopping centre?
3) How do you get to the Maelfa shopping centre? a) Walk b) Bus c) Car d) Other
4) How do you think the Maelfa shopping centre could be improved?

Our final task was to note down the observations we made whilst at the Maelfa. Four positives adjectives to describe the Maelfa shopping centre were: spacious, interesting, calm and friendly. The four negative adjectives we used were: dirty, old, rundown and boring.

Year 4 Techniquest Trip

Enterprise Week


For the ‘St. Philip Evans Enterprise Challenge 2015’, we had to set up a company. Our company had to make a Christmas craft to sell at the enterprise fair on Thursday. Our year was divided in to four companies and there was a competition to see which company could make the most profit. The four different companies designed Charm Bracelets, Nativity Bags, Christmas Baubles and Advent Calendars. Within our companies we had to give out roles and positions, there was an Accountant, Producer, Advertiser and a Quality Control Manager.

We all worked really hard in our roles to try and design the best products and make the most profit at the Enterprise Fair. 


Enterprise Week in 4W

During Enterprise Week, 4W have been creating companies selling Christmas products. We have been busy manufacturing these products and creating adverts to sell our products.

Take a look at Ben’s advert which advertises the sale of mosaic baubles.

The Shiny Crystals

Buy a bauble!   Hang it on your Christmas tree! This product would be great for a Christmas present. I bet your mum or dad or whoever you give the handmade bauble to will love it!

You really need this it will make your life different because you will have it on your Christmas tree. CRISTMAS IS COMING SOON WE HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT TIME! We are selling baubles on 17th December!

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