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St Philip Evans Catholic Primary School

We live the Gospel message as we worship, learn and play Dyn ni’n byw negas efengyl wrth i ni addoli, dysgu a chwarae

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Our Faith



 Dewi Sant

This week in Year 3 we led a very special and important service to celebrate our patron Saint St David. We used our habit of mind Communicating with Clarity and Precision to help us to deliver the important information and prayers during the service.  We learnt and spoke about how David was committed to his faith and how he was a very popular man in Wales because of his teachings and the encouragement he gave the people of Wales. Here is part of the Story of St David:


David lived in Wales in the sixth century, that is, over 1,400 years ago. David was committed to his faith and sharing the Gospel values through his teachings. He was particularly good at speaking to large groups of people.

 One day he was addressing a crowd of several thousands who had gathered in a valley. David's friends were worried that not everyone would be able to hear him, but in fact, David was able to make himself heard, even right to the back of that crowd of several thousands. As David spoke the ground rose up under his feet until it became a mountain and that was why everyone could hear him. A white dove, which became his emblem, was seen settling on his shoulder.

David was a remarkable man who believed in God and who knew him especially well. Because of his strong faith in God remarkable things sometimes happened! He was a good teacher and was very popular with the people of Wales, who loved him for the help and encouragement he gave them. In fact, when he died the people were overcome with grief. They said they had lost a father - who would now look after them like David had?


We celebrate St David’s Day on March 1st and we remember how important it is to celebrate our culture and our faith on this day.

The mission we set KS2 was to follow the example of our Patron Saint St David. Remember to be joyful, keep the faith and do the little things in life.

Remember that we all have our part to play in living the Gospel message as we worship, learn and play.



 Is Life a Journey?












This week in 3T we have been using our Habit of Mind ‘Communicating with Clarity and Precision’ during our class assembly. Our assembly is on our current topic ‘Journeys.’ We first thought about whether ‘Life is a Journey?’  We then had a Pupil voice session to decide on the hymns, prayers and pieces of work we could include in our assembly. All of our class learnt their lines and showed how they were a confident and capable learner.

Our assembly focused on the Liturgical Year and how we celebrate the different times of the Liturgical year with our Church Community. We highlighted the importance of Advent and Lent, as it is a time of waiting for Jesus. We wanted to raise the importance that we all have a journey in our Faith and although at times our journey may be difficult we can ask for guidance from God and learn through Jesus’ journey through the Gospel stories.

The Feast of the Presentation 
This week we gathered for a school mass to celebrate the Feast of the Presentation. We created our own class candles and Father John blessed the candles during the mass and we were reminded that Jesus is the light of the world.  


               The Liturgical Year



This week in Come and See we have been learning about the Liturgical year. The Liturgical year is a special calendar for Christians. It shows us all the special events that happen throughout the year. We used our Habit of Mind Striving for Accuracy to accurately describe each part of the Liturgical year.

Ordinary time:

Ordinary time is represented by the colour green. In ordinary time we celebrate mass in Church and feast days such as St Philip Evans on 22nd July. It is a time for us to listen to the Gospel and be with family and friends.

Time of Waiting:

During this time we celebrate Advent and Lent. The colour for this is purple and it is a time when we are waiting for Jesus. We can celebrate Advent by lighting the Advent Wreath as a countdown to Jesus’ birth.


Christmas, Easter and the Epiphany:

These events have the colour gold or white. They are special because we are celebrating Jesus’ birth and that he rose from the dead. We also think about the journey the 3 Wise Men take during the Epiphany.


By Ava

“The newness which God brings into our life is something that gives true joy” Pope Francis 


Bl3 have been thinking about the special words that Pope Francis said. They have been thinking about the way the new year presents an opportunity for them to make a new start. In class, the children created a New Years resolution and decided together that they would like to display their promises in the shape of the number ‘2020’. 

They also created their own prayers in groups. Here are some of Year 3’s 2020 prayers. 



Lord God, 

In 2020 help me to follow my virtues and help me to follow the Golden Rules. 

Please help me to be kind with my heart and to be friendly to others. 

God help me to not get angry or upset so I can make everyone happy and make a better world for everyone. 

Please forgive all the sins that I committed in 2019 and please help me to love one another as you have and to be a child of the light. 



Dear God, 

As I travel through 2020, help me to forgive others. 

Help me to love others. 

Please help me to follow the Golden Rules. 

Please help me to be kind throughout the year. 




Dear God, 

As I travel through 2020, I promise to be grateful and caring for others. 

I want to help God by being loving. 

Please help me to be better at being hopeful. 

Through my journey in 2020 I want to be kind.








        New Beginnings



This week in Year 3 we have been thinking about new beginnings and the way in which the New Year provides us with an opportunity to change our actions and make new promises.

We have also been thinking about the special words that Pope Francis said:

“The newness which God brings into our life is something that gives true joy”


We created our own New Year’s resolutions, along with writing a prayer in groups of 4 asking God for guidance on our journey throughout 2020.

Here is an example of a prayer:



Lord God, 

In 2020 help me to follow my virtues and help me to follow the Golden Rules. 

Please help me to be kind with my heart and to be friendly to others. 

God help me to not get angry or upset so I can make everyone happy and make a better world for everyone. 

Please forgive all the sins that I committed in 2019 and please help me to love one another as you have and to be a child of the light. 



 Come and See



This week in year 3 we have been learning about the journey the Wise Men took to visit Jesus, the new born King. We listened to the story and we used our numeracy skills to direct the wise men to their destination using a map and the 4 compass points. Some of us then retold the story.

We found out that the wise men came from the East to Jerusalem and asked Herod, the King, ‘Where is the baby who will be king of the Jews?’ When Herod realised that a new king had been born he was furious. He wanted the wise men to tell him exactly where Jesus had been born and told them that he wanted to worship him. The wise men then made their way to Bethlehem to see Jesus. They gave gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. God then warned them not to go back to Herod, so they returned to their country a different way. Herod was really cross when he realised that he had been tricked by wise men and gave orders to kill all the children in Bethlehem who were under the age of 2 years old. 


During our learning in Come and See this week we have discussed the feelings, emotions and questions that would have occurred to the people involved in the birth of Jesus. 


We thought about questions that may have been pondered by the Shepherds using a HOTS grid. Here are some examples: 


How did you travel to Bethlehem?

Who did you meet on your way to see the New Born King?

What did you feel when you saw Jesus?

When did you realise this was an important message from God?

Where have you come from? 


Some of us also looked at images of the Nativity and discussed how Mary and Joseph would have felt. 

Here are some examples of our discussion:


I think Mary would have felt full of joy and hopeful because she had just given birth to the New Born King.


I think Joseph may have felt proud. He would’ve felt proud because Mary and Joseph are doing a special job for God.



Advent Collection

In Bl3 we are helping the Minnie Vinnies collect toiletries for the homeless this Advent. We have already had some kind donations. 



             The Christmas Story







This week we have been continuing our learning during this Advent season. We visited the Welsh Tabernacle Church in Cardiff to watch ‘The Christmas Story’. During our visit, we played Christmas carols using bell plates and then we went to watch the special play. The play taught us about how Mary found out she was going to have a baby boy, the new King, Jesus. It followed Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem and highlighted the joys and demands that came with the special task Mary had been given. It reminded the children about the real meaning of Christmas and how important Jesus is to our faith.

Bl3 visited the Welsh Tabernacle to watch ‘The Christmas Story’. They also played Christmas carols using bell plates. 



  The Annunciation and Visitation








This week in Come and See we have been continuing learning about the stories leading up to the birth of Jesus. We read the stories of the Annunciation and Visitation where Mary and Elizabeth were greeted by Angel Gabriel with exciting news. We used our Habit of Mind ‘Creating Innovating and Imagining’ to create a script about these events.

Annunciation Script:

Angel Gabriel: Mary I have some joyful news for you!
Mary: What is this joyful news? I am so excited!
Angel Gabriel: You are having a baby and his name will be Jesus, he will be the Son of God.
Mary: I am excited but scared. What do I do?
Angel Gabriel: Do not worry Mary God has sent me to tell you.
Mary: I will do anything to please God.

By Florence

Visitation Script:

Mary: Elizabeth I am so excited where are you?
Elizabeth: What is your news Mary?
Mary: I am having a baby, Angel Gabriel told me and he will be called Jesus.
Elizabeth: Mary that is a great name, you are blessed. I am having a baby too, his name will be John.
Mary: Wow this is exciting!
Elizabeth: Your baby is going to be the love of everyone.

By Elyse and Maisy

The Annunciation and Visitation

Bl3 have been learning about the first Joyful Mystery. They have been writing their own scripts about the Gospel stories and using Comic Life on the iPads to retell these special stories. 






This week in Year 3 we have been thinking about how we prepare for the coming of Jesus into world.

We have been thinking about each candle on the Advent wreath represents an important aspect of waiting. We have also been learning about the important prophet Isaiah. We listened to a special Advent reading from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah which says:


‘Go up to the top of a high mountain,

Joyful messenger to my people.

Shout as loud as you ca.

Proclaim the good news for everyone to hear.’


We then designed leaflets and posters explaining why Isaiah wanted the people to prepare for the coming of this special visitor.

Advent Promises

Bl3 have been making Advent promises that link with the golden rule ‘kind words’. 

3S Visitors Assembly

Year 3 Christ the King Liturgy 

Christ the King Feast Liturgy. In year 3 we reflected on the meaning behind the Christ the King feast by carrying out a liturgy.



Welcome: Today we hear how Jesus is laughed at while on the cross and how two thieves have different things to say to him while they also are on the cross.


Opening prayer: O Lord Jesus Christ, our King and Saviour, may we never forget your love for each one of us. We praise you always. Amen.


First reading (optional): Samuel 5:1-3


Psalm: Psalm 121:1-5. R. Cf. v.2


Gospel acclamation: everyone stands and sings the acclamation together. Suggestions include: ‘Halle, halle, halle’ (Caribbean) from ‘Sing With the World’, Alison Adam & John Bell; ‘Alleluia’ (Zimbabwe), Abraham Maraire Publications, WCC & GIA; ‘Celtic Alleluia’ (traditional); ‘Alleluia! Raise the Gospel’ from ‘Go Before Us’, Bernadette Farrell, OCP Publications.


Gospel: Luke 23:35-43


5The people stood there watching. The leaders made fun of Jesus. They said, “If he is God’s Chosen One, the Christ, then let him save himself. He saved other people, didn’t he?”

36Even the soldiers made fun of him. They came to Jesus and offered him some vinegar. 37They said, “If you are the king of the Jews, save yourself!” 38(At the top of the cross these words were written: “THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS.”)

39One of the criminals began to shout insults at Jesus: “Aren’t you the Christ? Then save yourself! And save us too!”

40But the other criminal stopped him. He said, “You should fear God! You are getting the same punishment as he is. 41We are punished justly; we should die. But this man has done nothing wrong!” 42Then this criminal said to Jesus, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom!”

43Then Jesus said to him, “Listen! What I say is true: Today you will be with me in paradise!”


Gospel reflection: What do you remember from today's reading?

In today's gospel we read how Jesus is put to death on a cross and how he is laughed at and made fun of.

Can you imagine what it must have been like in front of all those people, to be in pain and to be laughed at? How do you think Jesus felt?


The crowds can't understand why Jesus, the Son of God, can’t save himself. They are very confused. To them a king is someone who has power, money, land and who dresses in expensive clothes - not someone who ends up on a cross with a crown of thorns on his head. Kings are powerful, not like Jesus who seems helpless and is about to die. Yet we know that this was part of God's plan - Jesus had to die so that we are saved.


There were two thieves on either side of Jesus, both on crosses as well.
What did they say to Jesus?


The first thief couldn't understand why Jesus didn’t try to save himself and prove that he was the Son of God by coming off the cross. He thought Jesus should try to save the thieves as well.

The second thief tells the first off for being so rude to Jesus. He knows Jesus is innocent and doesn't deserve to die when he hasn't done anything wrong. This thief asks only to be remembered by Jesus. Jesus sees that the second thief is sorry for what he has done and so Jesus promises not just to remember the second thief but to give him peace and forgiveness in heaven.

What does this show us about Jesus in our lives?


When we feel powerless Jesus is right there with us. Jesus turns bad things into something better and stronger. The second thief knew this and we can believe it too. 


How does this help all people who feel powerless to change their lives and who are treated badly by other people?


Jesus gives us hope as we know that he rose again three days later. Anything is possible with God.


What does this tell us about the kind of king that Jesus is?


Jesus was indeed a king. And not just any king but the "King of Kings" because who else could rise again from the dead? Power, money, possessions and expensive clothes are not as special as new life.


Jesus came to serve others and so sometimes he is called the servant king. Jesus is the king of love, justice, peace and forgiveness.


We are also called to help and to serve one another: in our homes, in our community and in the world around us.


This week, when things are difficult, remember that God is always with you. And when you see that things are difficult for others, perhaps you can try to do all that you can to help and serve them, so they know that they are not alone and forgotten either.


Intercessions You may want to ask the children to offer their own prayers or

you can use the suggestions below.


Let us pray to Christ our King together:


We pray for the Church: that it may follow the example of Christ, serving others at all times. Lord in your mercy...


We pray for our brothers and sisters in every country: that we may always remember them, and pray and work for change so all people may live free from poverty. Lord in your mercy...


We pray for our parish, family and friends: that we may remember that God is with us in the hardest times and help and serve each other when things are difficult. Lord in your mercy...


Closing prayer: O King of Kings, you died so that we might have life. Help us to serve one another and to be there for each other in the most difficult times. Amen.



This week in Year 3 we have been continuing our learning for our Come and See topic ‘Promises’. We have been learning about the sacrament of Baptism throughout this topic and this week we have heard all about Baptism from Mrs Vella.

Mrs Vella came to visit our classroom on Tuesday. Before she arrived, we had been working in groups to create questions to ask her about her own children’s Baptisms. We used our higher order thinking skills to help us create our questions using a questioning grid.

Here are some of our questions:


How could your children make their own promises after Baptism?


Where did your children get baptised?

Heidi and Rosalie

How will they make a promise to God?




Mrs Vella showed us her children’s white garment and explained all about their Christian names and who their Godparents are and why she chose them to be a part of her children’s lives.

It was really interesting to have our questions answered by Mrs Vella! We learnt so many new things! 


                   Come and See



This week in blwyddyn 3, we have started our new Come and See topic, Promises.

We have been using our habit of mind, thinking flexibly to create a promise badge for a club or a team that we are part of. Making promises such as:

‘I promise to listen to my swimming coach’,


‘I promise to practice my scales’.

We then started to think about sacraments, the promises that we make to God. We know that there are seven sacraments and the first sacrament is baptism.

We have learnt about the first three stages of a baptism.


The sign of the Cross


Celebration of the word.

Attentive and Discerning

Bl3 have been thinking about how they can be Attentive and Discerning and what these special words mean to them. They have watched a video about The Prodical Son and thought about how the son was not discerning or attentive to his fathers feelings. 



       What makes a happy home?








This week in Year 3 we have been thinking about the things that make a happy home and why.

We have been using our habit of mind thinking flexibly.

We thought of the following words to help us with our work:

  1. Hope
  2. Fun
  3. Care
  4. Faith
  5. Sharing
  6. Love
  7. Friendship
  8. Compassion
  9. Helpfulness
  10. Excitement


Here are some of Jacobs’s examples:

I think being helpful is important because we should help each other and our families.

I think caring is important because we should always care for our families and look after one another.

I think love is important because we should follow Jesus’ footsteps.




This week in Year 3 we have started our new Come and See topic ‘Homes’. We have been thinking about what ingredients we need to make a happy home.

Here is Seona’s recipe for a happy home:

First pour a cup of happiness. I am happy when I play with my sisters.

Next a pinch of trust. I trust in my family members when they tell me the truth.

After that add a bowlful of love. I feel loved when my family give kiss me and hug me.

Then stir some laughter in because you always need a laugh. I feel like laughing when my family make jokes.


              Getting to know you…




This week in year 3, we have been using our habit of mind ‘Thinking Flexibly’ to tell our classmates and our new teachers all about us.

We thought about what makes us special, such as our hobbies, our families and our special talents. We showed all of this information in a poster.


Andreas: “I am special because God made me”.

Rosalie: “I am special because I have a scar”.

Seona: “I am special because I am flexible”.

Kaden: “I am special because my family loves me”.


We really enjoyed learning some new things about our friends and new information about our teachers! We are so excited to find out more throughout the year!

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