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St Philip Evans Catholic Primary School

We live the Gospel message as we worship, learn and play Dyn ni’n byw negas efengyl wrth i ni addoli, dysgu a chwarae

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Eco - NEWTs

The Eco Committee 2022-2023

The Eco Committee made products from recycled materials to sell at the Christmas enterprise fayre. We also collected pre-loved Christmas jumpers to sell. We donated the money that we raised to the Marine Conservation Society.

During COP27, we researched the event and the targets agreed by world leaders. We wrote prayers asking God to support world leaders in achieving these aims.

In our first Eco meeting of the year, we collaboratively wrote an action plan based on 4 of the Eco School areas.

The Eco Committee for this academic year collaboratively writing our Eco action plan.

The Eco Committee 2020 - 2021 


The Eco Committee have started meeting again and we have been very busy looking after our school grounds and thinking about the environment. We have been thinking about Article 13 of the children's rights and how we can express our opinions about the environment.

Earth Week

2019 - 2020 Eco Committee


We have already been hard at work this year completing our environmental review. 

We have put together some tips for Autumn waste and how to keep it to a minimum. 

If you have any suggestions for how to make our school even more Eco Friendly speak to one of the members of the Eco Committee. 


Storm Dennis Clean Up


The pupils have noticed that after all the storms we have had lately that there is a lot of litter that has been blown around. 

The Eco Committee have been cleaning up our school site and picking up the litter. 


Ten Day Turn Down

How to be more Eco Friendly at Christmas

November 2019 


In our Eco Committee meeting this week we have been preparing for Christmas. We have read all about how much waste occurs at Christmas. We have been putting together some advice for everyone about how to save waste at Christmas. 



We have been thinking about ways that energy is wasted in our school and how we can stop this from happening. 

Some of the things we have decided to do are: 

  • open the blinds so the light can come in 
  • turn off lights at playtime 
  • turn off computers at playtime and lunchtime when we are not using them
  • make sure doors and windows are closed to keep the heat in 
  • make sure all electrical items are off before the weekend and School holidays 

How to save energy in our school?

2018-2019 Eco Committee 


A big hello from your Eco Committee. We have already been hard at work this year completing our Environmental review and making our action plan for the year! 


Please tell us any suggestions that you have and listen to our Eco Messages. Check out our hashtag on twitter #SPENewt #SPEeco to see what we have been up to. 

Click the link to find out what we have been up to on twitter 


The Eco Committee

One Planet Day

Some of our Eco Committee visited County hall for One Planet Day. We completed four workshops which looked at different Eco areas. Our 4 workshops were: waste, Fairtrade, travel and biodiversity . 

Congratulations to the Eco Committee on renewing their Platinum Eco Schools Award

Our Spring Bulb Progress

Laudato Si Week 

(14th January - 18th January 2019 )

Across the school everybody has been thinking about Pope Francis' message Care for our Common Home. 

Each year group has had a different question about our World and how to look after it.  We all have a part to play in looking after the World and this week we had an opportunity to learn different ways in which we can do this. 

Here are some photos from the week! 



Eco Week

The Eco Committee Visit to Houses of Parliament 


In December some of the Eco Committee and the School Council visited the houses of Parliament in London. We had a tour of the houses of Parliament and visited the House of Commons and the House of Lords. We took part in a workshop where we formed our own political party and decided on the things that would be the most important to our political party. We had to decide on own on party name. One of our parties was called the Save our Planet party. Once we had formed our political parties we had to decide on what we thought was the most important for our party. We thought of lots of Eco objectives for our party and some of the main points on our manifesto were based around the environment.  
Here were some of the points on our manifesto:  
 More renewable energy  People to get paid to recycle waste  Build homes for the homeless.  As part of our visit we also got a chance to meet our local MP for Cardiff. She came to speak to us about her role in parliament and how it affects our local area.  
We had been thinking about this meeting in our Eco Committee Meetings and were looking forward to asking her questions. The Eco Committee had been using Microsoft teams to create their questions for Jo Stevens about the environment.  
Some of our questions were:  
 What do you think are the main environmental problems in Cardiff?   What is being done to improve public transport and therefore cut carbon emissions?   How can we decrease the amount of waste in Cardiff going to landfill?  Is there anything the government can do to encourage more people to recycle?   How can we get more renewable energy in Cardiff?  
These were some of our questions to Jo Stevens – we told her a lot of the things we had learnt about the environment.  
We also shared with her our top tips for having an Eco-friendly Christmas which she then took back to the house of Commons with her. 

Complete our Eco Survey here 


We want everybody to be a part of the Environmental Review of our school. Please complete our Eco survey designed by the Eco committee. Anyone can complete it, children, parents and staff. Copy and paste the link below and fill out our Eco Committee survey on Microsoft Forms.



December 2018 


This December the Eco Committee have been thinking forward to Christmas. We all know that Christmas is a time where lots can be wasted. 

This year, the Eco Committee has given you a mission: 


Can you have a more Eco-friendly Christmas? 


On the link below find some of our flyers with hints and tips for a more Eco-friendly Christmas. We will be sharing this with members of the local community this Advent. 



Have a green Christmas

Eco Committee 2018-2019

This year the Eco Committee have been working with Year 3 in the Spring Bulbs project. 


This project is looking at the  'School Grounds' part of Eco Schools and also diversity. 


Our first part of the challenge was to plant the bulbs and to start gathering weather data. We submitted our planting photos to Professor Plant and won the Spring Bulbs planting Photo Competition. 


Congratulations to the Eco Committee and Year 3 for all the hard work planting and collecting weather data! Here is the Year 3 representatives with our certificate and prize!


Spring Bulbs

Here are some of our Eco Committee preparing for our Spring Bulbs scheme which will help the biodiversity of our school grounds!

Eco Survey 2018


Please click the link and complete our survey - by Olivia & Ella


St Philip Evans R.C. Primary School

Natural Environment Welfare Team information page.

Platinum Eco School 2017/18

'Really Rubbish' School of the Year 2016






Our NEWTs have already been extremely busy this year, raising awareness for the new rebranded organisation, and setting up our extra curricular environment club for children outside of the NEWT to contribute and get involved with our ongoing development as a school.


This year at St Philip Evans we have been working closely with the rest of the school to continue our efforts to improve the attitudes and actions of others in each of the 8 topic areas, as we work towards our next Eco schools award.




Response to Pope Francis' message.

Still image for this video

Pope Francis - Laudato Si 'Our Common Home'

Still image for this video
We have been focusing upon Pope Francis' message to the world, Laudato Si, as we continue to spread the message of Global Citizenship

10 Day Turn down - October 2016


We have entered the Cardiff Council energy awareness competition, to encourage others around the school to continue to make a conscious effort both in school and at home to use energy efficiently and reduce unnecessary waste.  In order to introduce this event the NEWTs led a whole school assembly explaining that for 10 days, we as a school would go the extra mile to make a conscious effort to use as little energy as possible, in competition with other schools across Cardiff.

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