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St Philip Evans Catholic Primary School

We live the Gospel message as we worship, learn and play Dyn ni’n byw negas efengyl wrth i ni addoli, dysgu a chwarae

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Home Worship January 2021

Week Beginning 11.01.2021

Please see the link for this week daily prayers


Wednesday Word

Visit the Wednesday Word children's area to find out more about this weeks Gospel messages, discover saint factfiles, kidzone games and more!


Ten Ten Resources 

Week beginning 06.07.20


The prayers this week help children to plan ahead and prepare for the summer holidays, something they might usually be very excited for, but perhaps a little less so this year – they might feel like they’ve already had a long holiday at home!

The word ‘holiday’ comes from ‘holy day’, when people would be allowed time off work to observe religious festivals and feast days. Today, a holiday means any time off from our usual work. These prayers consider how children’s ‘holidays’ can truly become ‘holy days’.

Each day children will be led in reflection using Psalm 34 (note that this is the Sunday Psalm from last week, rather than 5th July) and offered a suggestion for an activity to do, either this week or during the holidays. You might like to encourage children to keep a list of these activities so that they remember them.



Week Beginning 15.06.20

Welcome Home

In the Gospel this week, we hear Jesus declare, “I am the living bread… Anyone who eats this bread will live for ever.” When we celebrate the Mass we too can share in this living bread, so our focus this week is on preparing our hearts to meet Jesus in the Mass. Each day suggests something we can do to get ready to receive Jesus.

To note: Even though we can’t go to Mass in church at the moment, we can still use all the points to welcome Jesus into our hearts at home and as preparation for when we can return to celebrate Mass together.


Week Beginning 08.06.20

Live In Me

This week we’re spending some time prayerfully reflecting on God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Children are invited to bring all that is in their hearts and minds to God. With two days devoted to praying to each member of the Trinity, children will understand that:

- God the Father loves us as a perfect parent, whom we can turn to no matter how we are feeling;
- God the Son supports and cares for us as a constant friend who teaches and guides us through the person and example of Jesus;
- God the Holy Spirit guides us as a wise teacher, who lives in us as our closest friend and advocate, bringing hope, peace and love to our hearts


Week Beginning 01.06.20

Fill Our Hearts

Sunday 31st May was Pentecost Sunday; the time when we remember Jesus sending the disciples His Holy Spirit. In receiving the Holy Spirit, the disciples were inspired with joy to go out into the world and make Jesus known. The Holy Spirit is what encourages and inspires us to do good.

The theme of this week’s daily prayers is the gift of the Holy Spirit. Taking a little of the traditional prayer ‘Come, Holy Spirit’ each day, children will come to understand what the prayer means.

Please see the following link for daily prayers


Week Beginning 18.05.20

Sunday Liturgy for Families

Visit the link below


Daily Prayers for Home

Visit the link below

Resources from Mrs. Roberts
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