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St Philip Evans Catholic Primary School

We live the Gospel message as we worship, learn and play Dyn ni’n byw negas efengyl wrth i ni addoli, dysgu a chwarae

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Descriptive Writing 


Identifying descriptive tools, editing and improving


In year 3 we wrote our descriptive sentences for our beast using the language features we had learnt previously. We used our Habit of Mind ‘Working Interdependently’ to read out our sentences to our partner and then they drew our beast. We had to make sure we spoke with clarity and precision to make sure our partner drew the most ferocious beast from our descriptions.


After drawing the beast and editing our work we used our black, yellow and blue thinking hats to highlight; what our partner did well, things that they could improve on and we also set them a target for the future, for example, ‘to use more alliteration in the description of the beasts eyes.’

Some descriptive sentences from our class:

  • ‘The bullying beast has a tail as long as a scary snake.’ 
  • ‘The dangerous dragon breathed boiling hot fire like lava.’
  • ‘The beast has eyes like fire and teeth as sharp as a shark.’

We enjoyed this task so much! It really helped us to think about what we were writing and how to edit our work verbally before we edit and re-draft sentences.




Identifying features of a riddle 




Riddle Me This …



In Year 3, we have been learning all about riddles. We identified what a riddle is and found all the features that are in a riddle. We used out Habit of Mind ‘Thinking Interdependently’ to create Padlets explaining what riddles are.

For our task we had try to figure out what the riddle was and we had to highlight all the features in different colours.


Adjectives, Simile, Alliteration, First person, Rhyme, Senses, Question



I have no colour, not even white,


but sometimes I’m wide and blue.

Sometimes I’m still, sometimes I rush,

and I can fall down on you.


I can change my shape, I often do,

but I’m as hard as rock to hold in your hand.

You need me to make your castle stand up

when you’re playing in the sand.


I haven’t much taste, but on a hot day

Your tongue’s hanging out for my taste.

I am curiously cold, but I can be horridly hot

What am I?


By Lena

Narrative Writing 

Cross School Collaboration - The Great Round-the-World Balloon Race




St Philip Evans Ending for Glyncoed Primary School


While beautiful Ellie and Pilot James were holding hands Pilot James shouted, “This is our only chance to run!” When the dark jungle cat with claws as sharp as knives was about to pounce off the old, rough tree they sprinted as fast as a cheetah to get to safety.

Whilst they were running Pilot James remembered that there was a flare in his back pocket, the jungle cat had trapped them in a cold, dark part of the jungle and he was thinking about what he was going to do. Ellie screeched with fear, “What are we going to do Dad?”

Pilot James held the flare in his jean pocket, he held it high and POW, a shot flew through the air like a bird. The flare was so loud it scared the cat away.

Ellie and James thought that the cat could come back at any time so they searched for resources to fix their colourful hot air balloon. They found a lot of big sticks and different sized leaves. Ellie was really tires and she said sleepily, “I’m so excited for this hot air balloon to be finished.” She fell asleep slowly as pilot James carried on fixing the hot air balloon.

The next morning, Ellie woke up and brave pilot James was fast asleep slouching on the hot air balloon. Ellie got up and started shaking sleepy Pilot James. He woke with a shock and shouted, “Aahhhhhhh did I finish the hot air balloon?” “Yes! It’s all done you are amazing Dad, I’m so excited to finish the race! Let’s get in and leave before the terrifying cat comes back.”



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