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Homework 15/12/17 - Space research


In your learning log, carry out some research to identify facts about space.  You may present this as creatively as you like (mind map, poster etc) or simply record the information in your learning log under different subheadings (Earth, The Sun, Planets...etc).  Please also include the source(s) of your information (e.g website, book) and respond to the Statement "What I have found out" at the end of your research.


Homework 1/12/17


Build a 3D space model, as we start our new topic as members of the St Philip Evans Space Academy (SPESA).  You may want to construct a space vehicle (e.g. shuttle or moon buggy), a space station or even a 3D model of a planet in our solar system!



Y4 Homework Friday 10th November 2017


This week in maths we have been learning about fractions and your homework this week is linked to fractions on Mathletics. Login online and you will see your assigned tasks. Your login details are stuck in your homework books.


English Task: Can you write an interview with St. Philip Evans?


St. Philip Evans is our school's saint. He lived in 17th Century Wales. He was arrested and executed for being a Catholic Priest. Understanding more about St. Philip Evans's life will help you understand our current history topic looking at life in 17th Century Wales. 


You have been given a copy of St. Philip Evans' biography. Read the text and write an interview showing your understanding of his life.

Homework - 27/10/17


Write a letter to the Prime Minister, explaining why we should all be doing our best to walk to school and work.


You may want to write your letter in your learning log, or type and print a copy using a computer.  You can also use your letter as a script and record a video message to be emailed to .

Homework - 13.10.17 Come & See (topic- called)


In your learning log:

Write about a time when you have been chosen/called to join a group/community.  

(for example, we are called by God to join the church's family when we are Baptised.)


- why was this important to you?

- How did it make you feel?

Learning Log Homework 6.10.17

Picture 1

Homework - Friday 29.9.17

- Following our Stuarts history timeline work this week, create your own timeline of important/major events from your life, starting with your birth up to the present day.


 - Log in to activelearn for maths and reading homework


Homework - Friday 22.9.17

 - What was life like at Llancaiach Fawr Manor House?   Present your ideas creatively, like the learning logs examples you were shown in class.


- login to active learn for maths and bug club reading.

school id - xw9m


-weekly spellings in spelling books




Homework task - Friday 8th September 2017 


Task 1 - Come & See (RE) complete your family tree table.


Task 2 - Choose 1 of the following:


 - Describe your favourite Roald Dahl character.


 - Design a poster based on your favourite Roald dahl character/book.


- Write a letter to Roald Dahl.


Practice your spellings ready for next weeks test.




































Our educational visit to Cosmeston Lakes Country Park

Year 4 are currently taking part in a very exciting project called the Tidy! project. We have been extremely lucky to work with some very talented poets, artists and composers in school as part of this project. So far, we have composed our very own poem and are in the middle of creating artwork to represent the environmental issues that run throughout our poem. 


                 Image result for creative clipart                                          Image result for creative clipart                                          Image result for creative clipart    

Multi Sports Tournament

Burps, Bottoms and Bile


We were very lucky to have three students from Cardiff University come in to school to carry out a number of different workshops with us, all about our new context called Burps, Bottoms and Bile! Chloe, Holly and Rachael carried out activities telling us all the gory details of what happens in our digestive systems; showing us the germs that are on our hands and fun facts about our bones and how important these are to us! We had a fantastic afternoon and learnt heaps of new facts about our bodies.