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Year 1

Croeso i Blywddyn 1!


Welcome to the St Philip Evans Primary School class page for Year 1!

Keep an eye out for the latest news and updates of what is going on in 1D and 1S.  


Our class teachers are Miss Stone and Mr Dyer.

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Williams/Miss Evans and Mrs Cowhey.

Our current topic in Year One is St David's Story


Throughout this topic, we will be learning about who St David is, what he did and why he is important to us.

We will also be finding out more about Wales and our culture.

Visit to the Cardiff Cathedral of St David

St Davids Hall - Little Strings violin performance

Computing - e-safety

This week in Year 1 we have been developing our computing skills as part our learning during Safer Internet Week. We have been talking about the benefits of using the internet, but we have also recognised that when we are online we must behave in a responsible manner. We used the internet to safely search for images, typing the web address into the internet browser. We also discussed that while Google is a good way to search for information, it does not always show information that is appropriate for children. Once we had searched for an image using the correct key words, we learned how to use the mouse to right-click, and save our image into our individual learner file on the computer. We also had to remember that when we save our work, we give it a sensible name and include the date to make sure we know when we completed the task.




Our next task was to log in to our Hwb account, and use the Jit5 software to write some simple rules linked to e-safety based on our learning. Again we had to remember to give our work a proper name and include the date before clicking the save icon.



We have been thinking about what a Superhero actually is.

We discussed that a superhero is someone with special powers, they save people’s lives, they wear a special costume and they usually have a special gadget.

We made a circle map of all the superheroes we know, we thought of Spiderman, The Hulk, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Incredibles and lots more!


We have been doing lots of activities in our independent learning. Some superheroes had been captured by the villains and tangled up in a web; we had to use our fine motor skills to rescue them! We also made our own superhero masks on our creative counter and practised our cutting skills by following the superheroes’ trails.


We used Puppet Pals on our iPads to create our own Superhero video. We had to use the camera to take a photo of our character and then use our finger to carefully crop the picture. We then had to take a photo of our scene. We used the microphone on the iPad to record our voices and create our video.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

1S Assembly - Belonging

We have had a very special surprise in year one! Three visitors from ‘Domino’s Pizza’ came to our school to show us how to make real pizzas! We were so excited to be chefs for the day.

We wrote a list of all the ingredients we would need to make a pizza. 

We knew that there would be lots of germs on our hands so we washed them before we started any cooking. We also made sure to remember not to touch our face or our mouth.

We had a ball of dough each and we had to use our hands to squash the dough to make it flat. We then used our hands to spread the dough out to make it into a circle shape.

Next, we took a spoonful of tomato pizza sauce. It went into the middle of our pizza and we spread it around to the edges, leaving room for our crust. We had to keep a very steady hand, some of us found it difficult to keep the spoon straight!

Then we added the cheese to our pizza. Then came the exciting bit! We got to choose our own toppings to add to the pizza. There were so many to choose from; pepperoni, ham, meatballs, sweetcorn, chicken, onions, peppers and lots more!

Gweddion - Families

Gweddion - Families 1
Gweddion - Families 2
Gweddion - Families 3
Gweddion - Families 4
Gweddion - Families 5