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Please ensure you read over the summer holidays, ensuring your reading skills are being practiced at home. If you are still unsure of your times tables, challenge yourself to know them all by the end of the Summer. this will help you a great deal in Year 6! 

Literacy Homework 

Summer Holidays


Task 1


It is your first day back in September. You are dropped off to school early and head to the playground. There is a strange feeling about the school. At 8.55 you realise that nobody else is in the playground. It is just you! There are no students, no teachers, and no cars in the car park...What is happening? 

You have no phone, and no way of contacting anyone!


Task: Write a story to explain what happens next...

1) Discuss your feelings. 

2) Write in first person. 

3) Think of a good plot twist. 

4) Use figurative language to describe settings, or any other characters than might enter. 

5) Ensure you are using a range of punctuation. 

6) Use your senses. 


These stories can be completed in your green homework books, and must be given to your class teacher in September. 


Task 2


Choose one of the following topics or people to research in project form. These are all subjects that could help with work next year. 


- The Blitz

- Life in the 1980's

-Winston Churchill

- Deforestation in the Amazon rainforest

- Alfred Sisley

-Digestion in the human body



You can present your research in any way you wish, it could be: 

-An infographic

-An educational poster

- A non-chronological report (with subtitles)

-A short project. 





Our homework heroes are children who have really impressed with their homework! Will you be a homework hero?