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St Philip Evans Catholic Primary School

We live the Gospel message as we worship, learn and play Dyn ni’n byw negas efengyl wrth i ni addoli, dysgu a chwarae

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Homework 7.12.18

Your homework is to prepare for your oracy assessment next week. You don't have to record anything but practice answering theses questions out loud. Remember to extend your answers, use subject specific vocabulary and add sufficient detail. 


-Why were you evacuated?

-How did you feel leaving your family?

-What did you take with you and why?

-Were any of your siblings evacuated with you? 

Describe the train journey.

-How were you treated by your new Billet family?

-How did your life change?

-Were you thankful to be evacuated? Explain your answer.

-Did you make new friends? Was that difficult?

-Did you see your family again?



Homework- Gwaith Catref - 30.11.18

Your homework this week is to create a learning log all about the season of Advent. Use the following questions to guide your research:


-How can we prepare during Advent?

-What are the key signs and symbols associated with Advent?

-Which pieces of scripture do we focus on and why?

-How will this scripture shape your life? 


You must join Google Classrooms using you Hwb account:

Code- yihq6t


Also complete your Spellodrome and Mathletics homework 



Homework - 23/11/18


Your homework this week is to create a learning log about anti-bullying week. You can include links to our 'Show racism the red card' workshop and any key messages you have learnt. You might want to include any other key messages about anti-bullying. 





Homework – 16/11/18

Science pupil voice questionnaire

Copy/click the URL below  and complete the Forms questionnaire, by Wednesday 21st November.


There are also books and activities saved on Giglets. 



Spelling Book 3, Unit 19


Spelling Book 3, Unit 12


Spelling Book 3, Unit 8






































Homework -Friday 8th November

Your homework this week is to create a learning log all about Hinduism. Use the following questions to guide your research:

What is Hinduism?

What are the main festivals?

What is the Hindu belief in karma?

How do Hindus live according to their dharma?


Due date-Wednesday 14.11

You may wish to complete your homework using Hwb, but this is not essential. 

Our Google Classrooms code-  yihq6t






Homework - Friday 27th October

Your task is to complete a multimedia presentation or video on your class country- Ghana or Poland. You may wish to use the following software:


-Microsoft Movie Maker

-Explain Everything App




If you know of any other software you can use to display your knowledge creatively, feel free to use that.

Please save your completed task on HWB. If you do not know your account details you can ask your teacher for them on Monday 5th November. 

Deadline - Friday 9th November 

Homework - 19.10.18

Next week is 'Thinking About Our World Week.' Your task is to create a learning log about the country your class will be learning about. If you are in 6LD you will be learning about Ghana. If you are in 6KD you will be learning about Poland. 

Use these questions to guide your research: 

  • What do you already know about the country?What are the traditional costumes of the country?
  • What are the main cultural celebrations and why are they celebrated?
  • Where is the country located? Write some facts about its location/population,etc.
  • What types of art and music originate from your country?
  • What types of traditional food do they eat? 

Homework- 12.10.18

Your homework this week is to research the following questions in detail and display the answers creatively:

1.What variables affect heart rate?

2.Why does heart rate increase after exercise?

3.What is the function of the heart?

4.What types of exercise would increase heart rate dramatically and why?

Due Date: Wednesday 17.10.18

Homework- Friday 28th September 

Vocations- Your homework this week is to carry out research about a saint of your choice. Create a learning logs about their lives and explain how they will inspire you in your life.

Due date: Wednesday 3rd October 

Homework- Friday 21st September

Homework this week is to carry out research into your TASC wheel investigation; answering questions generated by your group. Complete independent research to fully answer the questions written in your homework diary. Display your research creatively in your Learning Log.  

Homework is due in by Wednesday 26th September 2018. 

Homework-Friday 5th October 

Your homework this week is to create a learning log about evacuation.Next week you will be planning and  writing a diary as an evacuee. 

Your task is to imagine you were a child during World War 2. You are about to be evacuated to the countryside. You are leaving your mother and tasked with the job of looking after your younger sibling.

Answer these questions in detail  and think carefully about your choice of language. 

Saying Goodbye

-Describe the scene

-How did you feel as you were leaving your mum and why?

-How will you try and protect your younger brother or sister?

-What advice has your mother given you?

The Train Journey

-How did your feelings change?

-Who did you meet?

-Where are you going?

-What are you confused about?


Useful Phrases


-with a heavy heart


-trying to be courageous

-masking my emotions


-struggling to hold back the tears

-with a lump in my throat

-pulling myself together

-with the weight of the world on my shoulders


Due Date -Wednesday 10th October 

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