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St Philip Evans Catholic Primary School

We live the Gospel message as we worship, learn and play Dyn ni’n byw negas efengyl wrth i ni addoli, dysgu a chwarae

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Homework 10.05.19

Due to national testing being carried out this week, it has not been possible for Read Write Inc sessions to be timetabled in Year 2, therefore spelling homework will not be set for this week. Mathletics tasks have been set online as usual.


Many children have not yet accessed the Giglets tasks that were set online prior to the Easter holidays. If your child has not yet completed these Giglets tasks, please give them a go by accessing and use the following login details:


School Code (all lower case) = stphilipcps


Password (all lower case)

= spe123 


Username = 1st 4 letters of first name and last name combined (with a capital letter for the beginning of each) e.g. Philip Evans would be PhilEvan



Please find this week's spellings:

RWI- independent group

-ly, -ful, -less suffix

Mrs.Powling's group

ai  oa

Miss Buindo's group

ur  ea  er

Mrs.Vella's group

i-e  o-e  u-e

Miss Stones' group

ar  or  ur

smartly paid turn shine start
slowly snail spurt white mark
lovely tail  hurt hide door
helpful drain nurse smile floor
wishful brain purse home hurt
careful boat better note  purse
useless goat never phone  
fearless road letter huge  
endless cloak weather rude  
  toast proper June  
  throat corner tune  


Homework 3.5.19


This week, we have sent home some reasoning questions to practise, ready for our test on Wednesday.

Please be assured that we have practised several questions this week, in class, and the children have become far more confident with their responses. As we explained during the Parent Meeting, the pupils' well-being is of the highest importance to us and we will administer the test as sensitively as we can.


Homework 12.04.19



National Testing past papers for reading and numeracy are being sent home in you child's book bag. Please feel free to practise these at home.


Mathletics and Bug Club tasks tasks have been set as usual.


We would like our Year 2 children to access their Giglets accounts over the holidays. This is a similar program to Bug Club - pupils have been assigned a book to read which also has test questions to complete after reading the text. To access Giglets please visit and use the following login details:


School Code (all lower case) = stphilipcps

Password (all lower case)

= spe123 

Username = 1st 4 letters of first name and last name combined (with a capital letter for the beginning of each) e.g. Philip Evans would be PhilEvan


 Spelling lists 5.4.19


Independent RWI group Mrs Powling RWI Miss Biundo RWI Mrs Vella RWI Miss Stone RWI Miss Attwell RWI
fractions dream voice care  car pet
half real noise share far met
halves scream join dare star vet
quarter clean coin same start set
equivalent seat choice date door bet
mixed join shake make poor get
problem solving coin same late  floor  
  voice like cake    
  noise smile bake    


Spelling revision homework 29.3.19


The spelling test this week, will be a random selection of spellings from 8/2/19 to 22.3.19. We will test between 20-30 words already taught and practised. 

Spellings 22.3.19

We are really pleased with the efforts that the children mage this week with their 'Come and See' spellings. 

We would like to spend the next week reinforcing some Mathematical spelling. As before, the harder spellings are at the end of the list. Have fun learning and practising them.













Extension words:










Homework 15.03.19


This year, Fairtrade Fortnight will focus on cocoa. Farmers of this much-loved product have seen prices fall to crisis levels in the last few years, making life incredibly difficult for cocoa farmers. This is especially true in West Africa where most cocoa is grown. The drop in cocoa prices means it’s more important than ever to shout about why choosing Fairtrade is so important, but we need to go further. 


For homework this week please could you create a Fairtrade recipe which will be judged by the Fairtrade committee in the following weeks. (Learners do not need to actually cook the product).


Thank you.

Spelling 15.3.19


This week, we are concentrating on our new 'Come ans See' spellings for the topic of 'Opportunities.'

Please try and learn as many of the spellings from the list below.



Holy Week




Good Friday




Last Supper


 Spelling 8.3.19

RWI -independent

group Compound words

RWI- Mrs Powling

Adding ‘y’

RWI Miss Biundo RWI Mrs Vella RWI- Miss Stone
toothbrush grumpy green tea day
firefighter noisy sleep dream say
football bossy three real may
postbox cheeky scream please play
sometime dusty dream scream  
seaside muddy clean coin  
raindrop shiny please join  
haircut icy leave point  


Dear Parents,

There is no set homework tasks for this half term, in order to give children the opportunity to prepare for any of the Eisteddfod competitions. However, please continue to read regularly with your child.

There will be various home/school competitions for your children to enter as part of our St. David’s Day celebrations this year. Please could you ensure that all competition entries are brought into school to be judged by Monday 4th March 2019.


Children are welcome to enter as many competitions as they wish, and winning entries will be announced during our Eisteddfod celebrations on Thursday 7th March (Foundation Phase). The children are able to choose which competition/s to enter. They are welcome to enter all competitions open to them. There will be house points awarded for every competition entry. The winning entries will receive house points, certificates and a special welsh prize. The competitions are as follows: Whole School Competitions:


Welsh Learner of the Year-The children are encouraged to use what they have been learning in school to showcase their knowledge and understanding of the Welsh language. They may choose to write some phrases or sentences, a letter, conversation or celebrity profile in Welsh. The children must also write a paragraph in English explaining why they think they should be ‘Welsh Learner of the Year’. There is a very useful online dictionary on the website bbclearnwelsh which will be helpful when the children are writing in Welsh.


3-D Modelling Competition – Children are encouraged to make a 3-D model of something which represents Wales for them. Children may use whichever means of media they wish and the topic is broad to encourage creativity.


Cookery Competition - Children are encouraged to cook something which is a traditional Welsh recipe or depicts Wales to them.


Young Performer Competition- As part of our Eisteddfod this year we are also encouraging the children to showcase their talents. Auditions took place in class on Thursday 21st February. All the children who  auditioned have been chosen to represent their class during our Eisteddfod celebration.


The children are also encouraged to wear traditional Welsh costume or a full welsh sporting kit such as rugby or football. The Foundation Phase Eisteddfod is being celebrated on Thursday 7th March.


Have a lovely half term!


Mrs Powling's 

RWI group

Miss Biundo's 

RWI group

Mrs. Vella's RWI


Miss Stone's


suspicious precious town toy pet
delicious delicious how boy net
scrumptious vicious down joy vet
precious suspicious cow enjoy let
ferocious ferocious now enjoying red
    brown   bed
    clown   leg


Spelling 8.2.19

There is a change to spelling homework in Year 2. Pupils now need to follow the spelling lists for their Read, Write, Inc groups. Pupils will be able to say which group they are in.


coch- ion


glas  -ion 

Mrs. Powling

oren -er

Miss Biundo

 gwyrdd   ir/or



Miss Stone




proper bird cat
conversation conversation never third cup
exploration exploration corner dirt pot
tradition tradition after girl hit
congratulations congratulations weather out pen
attention attention better mouth  
pollution     south  


Homework 1/2/19 Due to the snow affecting pupil attendance on Friday, we will not give extra spelling lists today. Children will be tested on Monday and new spelling issued then.



Children will also have their green Homework books on Monday, with a task. 

Mathletics and Bug Club homework can be accessed from today- 1/2/19

Homework 25.01.19


For homework this week, Mathletics tasks have been set online. 


  • Make Fair Shares (dividing)
  • Frog Jump (multiplication)
  • Groups of 2 (dividing)
  • Dividing by 2 (dividing)


Please could these tasks be completed by 30.01.19.

Thank you.

Coch (Tricky plurals) Glas (Tricky Plurals) Oren (long vowel igh sound) Gwyrdd (Read Write Inc Words) Melyn (High Frequency Words)
plate chip night smart this
plates chips bright spark have
match van right horse went
matches vans fight sport be
van bush tight snort like
vans bushes nine zoo  
box fox kite moon  
boxes foxes tie look  
bush brush slide cook  
bushes brushes   book  


18.01.19 Homework

This week, please concentrate on your Mathletics set homework as your set homework as we will be checking on Wednesday to ensure that pupils have completed both tasks. The tasks consist of multiplication arrays and multiplication patterns.



Coch (changing -y to -er or -est) Glas (changing -y to -er or -est) Oren (long vowel sound oo and ew) Gwyrdd (Mrs Vella's Group: Read, Write, Inc Words) Melyn (changing vowels)
cloudy tasty moon play hat
cloudier tastier spoon day hut
cloudiest tastiest broom spray hot
naughty happy gloom green pen
naughtier happier screw sleep pan
naughtiest happiest blew keep fin
tasty cloudy flew night fan
tastier cloudier grew fight sick
tastiest cloudiest   light sack


Creative Homework Task 11.01.19


Our new topic for this half term is 'Big Wide World'. For homework this week, please can your child create a drawing of a scenic landscape of their choice (for example: a beach, mountains, valleys, a river etc). They can use pencils, felt tips, paint or collage.



Spellings 11.01.19

Coch (adding -y) Glas (adding -y) Oren (long e vowel) Gwyrdd (high frequency words) Melyn (long vowel a)
chill chill beach going cake
chilly chilly bead where case
noise noise peach would cave
noisy noisy seal or gate
grump grump meat took rake
grumpy grumpy lead school  
bone bone team think  
bony bony east home  
shine   dream    


Spelling Homework 28.9.18

This week's spellings are linked to our context and are based upon 'Electricity" vocabulary.

coch glas oren  gwrydd melyn
bulb bulb bulb bulb bulb
wire wire wire wire wire
mains mains mains mains the
battery battery battery battery here
batteries batteries light light said
circuit circuit circuit danger  
electricity electricity electricity    
socket socket danger    
danger danger      

Spellings 05.10.18 













































































Coch Glas Oren Gwyrdd Melyn
prism colour blue blue red
colour black yellow yellow blue
turquoise white green green yellow
magenta silver black black green
indigo purple pink gold  
violet orange orange    
white indigo      

Spellings 12.10.18

Spellings 19.10.18


Coch Glas Oren Gwyrdd Melyn
Baptism Baptism really what is
signs symbols very when for
symbols font much who at
font candle most went his
candle garment about with but
garment saint people why we
chrism chrism   was  

Spellings 9.11.18


Coch Glas Oren Gwyrdd Melyn
tumble giggle how water up
table saddle who away am
giggle beetle of good my
saddle needle for want her
jungle bubble went went was
cradle little want going  
beetle scribble with    
needle poodle was    
Coch Glas Oren Gwyrdd Melyn


Advent Advent him
preparing Nativity Nativity Christmas put
Christmas wreath Christmas purple look
Nativity wait purple prayer come
waiting Christmas prayer   some
wreath purple wreath   Advent

Spellings - 16.11.18

Coch -un and -dis Glas -oi and -oy Oren long vowel i Gwrydd long vowel a Melyn hfw
unhappy toy night cake but
disobey boy flight case so
unwell joy slide whale very
disappear join tie grape your
unfit boil kite rake an
dislike soil tight cave you
unequal coil pie gate  
dishonest point nine spade  

Spellings 30.11.18 



Mathletics homework has been set for every child in Year 2 up until 7th January 2019.

Please use your Mathletics logins provided in homework books to access the website and ensure these tasks are completed by 7th January. 

Spelling Homework 07.12.18

Coch Glas Oren Gwrydd  Melyn
close hot coat look all
closer hotter boat people call
closest hottest road called ball
quick fit toast like tall
quicker fitter soap when hall
quickest fittest goal what fall
clean long coach could small
cleaner longer goat made  
cleanest longest      
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