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Set - Friday 17th March
Due - Wednesday 22nd March



It is coming to the end of Science Week. Zolada the alien is very thankful to all pupils in Year 4 for researching and learning how to change his features to adapt to different habitats around the world.


To celebrate your learning during Science Week you can choose from the following tasks to complete:

Option 1- Create a drawing, an alien with the features of the animals from the habitats you have studied in class. Labeling the features or write a paragraph explaining why you have chosen the specific features of different animals for the alien.


Option 2 – Create a diary entry about your alien landing on earth. Write the diary entry as if you are the alien. Tell us everything that happened to you when came to earth.




Maths Homework

Miss Wride/ Miss Summerfield


Please complete this homework in your Maths Homework book and remember to show your workings out! 




Spelling Lists




  1. leaf
  2. leaves
  3. elf
  4. elves
  5. shelf
  6. shelves
  7. wolf
  8. wolves
  9. life
  10. Lives
  11. wife
  12. wives


Red & Blue Group

  1. wolf
  2. wolves
  3. thief
  4. thieves
  5. scarf
  6. scarves
  7. loaf
  8. loaves
  9. half
  10. halves
  11. safe
  12. saves



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