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Easter Homework 2016


Please complete the Reading test and Reasoning Test in preparation for national testing in May.

Please complete and return by the 11th April 2016.

Christmas Holiday Homework 2015

Task 1

Our new topic for the next half is ‘Supermarkets’ and your Homework for the Christmas holidays is to design and make a carrier bag. This can be made from any media- paper, plastic, fabric- be as creative as possible! Your name will be the logo/brand on the bag.

Please return this homework task on Wednesday 6th January 2015.


Task 2

As you know, we use a ‘Bubble Thinking Map’ to describe. Can you complete a Bubble map in your books and describe a supermarket? Think about two things you would like to find out about supermarkets. Write

I would like to find out…

Draw a Bubble map like this




Please return this homework task on Wednesday 6th January 2015.