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St Philip Evans Catholic Primary School

We live the Gospel message as we worship, learn and play Dyn ni’n byw negas efengyl wrth i ni addoli, dysgu a chwarae

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Homework and Distance Learning

Homework Friday 18th September




Purple Homework book

In our current ‘Come and See’ topic we have been learning about Gods love for us and how God loves and cares for everyone. We would like the children to draw a heart shape in their book and write how our families show us love and care. For example, helping, protecting, caring etc etc. Children can use their phonic understanding to sound out words such as hug, kiss, love, care.
if this is too difficult, children can write the first and last sound for that spelling, for example hg hug, hp help, and the adult can write the word. If you have not already done so, please can you send in a family photo to add to our summer holiday task of creating a family tree. 

This week the children have been assigned spelling groups. The spelling groups have been recorded inside your child’s spelling book. Please practice your weekly spellings in the BACK of the spelling book. Spelling will be a big focus this term so please support your child in learning their weekly spellings. Spelling tests will take place every Friday. 

Red Words

Another big focus this term will be learning to read sight words. Sight words are words that you cannot sound out, the children have to be able to recognise them and read them by sight and memory. Red word sets are on homework page. Please help your child to read the red words, starting with set 1.



Each week Mathletics homework will be set linked to what we have been learning in class that week. Mathletics is a fantastic resource to support and enhance your child’s mathematical understanding. Please complete the weekly assigned tasks.


Bug Club

This week the children have been assessed to find out what book band level is appropriate for their reading ability. Please select one of the books that has been assigned. Please compete the activity assigned to that book.

Homework 11th September. 


Homework book- Your homework is part of our topic Scrumptious! In class we are learning all about food and where it comes from.


We would like you to design your very own chocolate bar! You need to give your chocolate bar a name- think about what ingredients it might have in it. 

For your task we would like you to create your own chocolate bar wrapper in your homework books, make it as colourful and creative as you can (you could draw it, design it using the computer, make a collage, or put your own creative spin on it). 


When you have designed your chocolate wrapper can you write a list of the ingredients that are inside your chocolate bar?


Mathletics- Your maths homework this week is to log into mathletics and complete your assigned activities. 

Brain Boxes and Whizz Kids you have been assigned: Number are you ready? and Matching numbers to 20.

Master Minds, Clever Clogs and Bright Sparks you have been assigned Number are you ready?


Reading-  Your child has been assigned a book on Bugclub

Please log on to Bugclub and read the assigned book- don't forget to click on the bugs and answer the questions to support your child's comprehension, and give the book at rating at the end (if you don't do this the book can't be changed for you). 


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