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St Philip Evans Catholic Primary School

We live the Gospel message as we worship, learn and play Dyn ni’n byw negas efengyl wrth i ni addoli, dysgu a chwarae

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Half Term Homework:

Whole School Competitions:

Welsh Learner of the Year-The children are encouraged to use what they have been learning in school to showcase their knowledge and understanding of the Welsh language. They may choose to write some phrases or sentences, a letter, conversation or celebrity profile in Welsh. The children must also write a paragraph in English explaining why they think they should be ‘Welsh Learner of the Year’. There is a very useful online dictionary on the website bbclearnwelsh which will be helpful when the children are writing in Welsh.


3D Modelling Competition – Children are encouraged to make a 3D model of something which represents Wales for them. Children may use whichever means of media they wish and the topic is broad to encourage creativity.


Cookery Competition - Children are encouraged to cook something which is a traditional Welsh recipe or depicts Wales to them.


Young Performer Competition- As part of our Eisteddfod this year we are also encouraging the children to showcase their talents. Auditions will take place in class on Thursday 21st February. Two children will then be chosen to represent their class during our Eisteddfod celebration. The children may like to prepare a song or dance, recite a poem or play a musical instrument.

The children are also encouraged to wear traditional welsh costume or a full welsh sporting kit such as rugby or football.


The Eisteddfod is being celebrated on Thursday 27th February for children in Reception to Year 2 

Spellings 14.02.20

The children have had their Read Write Inc assessment this week and have been regrouped. We will let children know their new groups and recommence spellings homework after half term. 


Mathletics 14.02.20

Tasks have been set online.


Homework 07.02.20


Safer Internet Day 2020 - whole school homework


To celebrate Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 11th February, create one of the following:


1 - design a poster based on the theme : Together for a better Internet


2 - create your own emoji/avatar which could represent you online 


3 - create a short video (e.g iMovie) explaining how we can work together to help build a better/safer internet


Option 1 or 2 can be completed in homework books, which have been provided in book bags.


Any work that is completed electronically can be emailed to 


Mathletics - tasks have been set online.


Spellings 07.02.20


Mrs Vella's Group Miss Morris's Group Miss Biundo's Off Read Write Inc
here jaw brown what
come saw town where
some paw down when
my dawn now why
then yawn frown wheel
there straw paint wheat
  crawl train whistle
    snail whiskers
    tail whale

Homework 31.01.20


Reading Comprehension: All children have a reading task in their homework book. Please read the text and answer the questions provided.


Mathletics tasks have been set online.


Spellings - please see below.

Mrs Vella's Group Miss Morris's Group Miss Biundo's Group Off Read Write Inc
sort like weather cloudy
short mine better cloudier
fork time after cloudiest
snort shine never silly
sport time turn sillier
  nice nurse silliest
  home purse happy
  rope hurt happier
  note   happiest




Homework 24.1.20



Mrs Vella's group Miss Morris' group Miss Biundo's group Off RWI


coin  same  mask 
dirt  join  date  flask 
bird  voice  name  blast 
third  choice  yawn  vast 
out  noise  crawl  disaster 
shout  girl  saw  class 
loud  bird  square  glass 
found  third  share  grass 
  twirl  scare  pass 


Written Task

Can you research facts about Betsi Cadwaladr? You could print or draw a picture and find out more about her job. Who is she? Where is she from? What did she do? Please use resources from home so we can use the children's work for display in our class museum.



Mathletics homework has been set online, linked to our learning in school from this week. 

Homework 17.01.20


Mathletics tasks and Bug Club books have been set online.


Come and See homework: We are currently studying 'Books' as our Come and See topic. Please can children bring in their favourite book to talk about to everyone. We will be asking the following questions: Who gave you this book? What is your special book about? Why is this book special to you? What makes it important to you? 

We will be comparing these books to books that we see and use in the Parish.




Mrs Vella Miss Morris Miss Biundo Off Read Write Inc  
hair start home wealth  
fair smart hole health  
pair door hope wealthy  
chair poor rose healthy  
moon chair spoke feather  
spoon fair huge leather  
shook pair brute weather  
cook toy June ready  
  enjoy smile spread  
    white steady  


Homework 10.01.20


Mathletics tasks have been set online and children all have reading books available on their individual bug club account. 



Pupils have now been reassigned groups and our sessions this week, have been revision. Therefore, formal spelling lists will commence next week.


Context homework

Can you bring a picture of yourself to school  and write a list of things you are good at?


Spellings 13.12.19

Mrs Vella's RWI Group Miss Morris's RWI Group Miss Biundo's RWI Group Off RWI Group
can went home information
but was today dancing
yes have weekend tried
fox home some again
was made trick kicking
went night outside shower
  fly because because
  some team outside
    float football


Mrs Vella's Read Write Inc Miss Morris's Read Write Inc Miss Biundo's Read Write Inc Off Read Write Inc
out huge light shopping
loud tune night camping
shout June high skipping
mouth brute fright shaking
round jaw bright washing
  saw might smiling
  law tight writing
  claw I've hugging
  straw I'm  


Spellings 29.11.19


Mrs Vella's Read Write Inc Group Miss Morris's Read Write Inc Group Miss Biundo's Read Write Inc Group Off Read Write Inc Group
hair out real slowly
pair loud please quickly
chair shout scream crossly
girl round time wisely
bird coin white helpful
dirt join rain careful
third voice train wonderful
  choice cake helpfully
  noise shake carefully
  toy play wonderfully
  enjoy spray  



Homework 29.11.19

Mathletics homework tasks have been set online and bug club books have been updated.

Please also ensure that if your child has a line for the Christmas play, they know it off by heart and also know when to say it (according to the script). Thank you for your support.



Homework 22.11.19


Creative task: Please could children create a 3D fairytale scene using a shoe box or cereal box. We will be using this next week, with puppets, as a stimulus to support extended writing.


Mathletics tasks based on length have been set online.


Spellings 22.11.19


Mrs Vella's Miss Morris's Miss Biundo's Off Read Write Inc
car fair care untidy
star hair fare unkind
hard lair hare unhappy
part stairs rare unsure
smart chair scare dislike
start whirl share disobey
  twirl stares disagree
  girl   disappear


Homework 15.11.19


1. Please learn your Christmas play parts / songs (if in book bag).

2. Mathletics tasks (data handling) activities have been set online.

3. There will be a random spelling test next Friday of Read Write Inc words learnt from September (between 20 and 30 will be tested). 

Homework 08.11.19


An instruction label has been stuck in the children's purple homework books explaining the written task for this week (a book review based on their favourite fairytale).


Spellings (08.11.19)

Mrs Vella Miss Morris Miss Biundo Off Read Write Inc
snow sheep ear January
blow sleep fear February
show light dear March
high fight sure April
light spoon picture May
moon moon adventure June
soon play attention July
  spray congratulation August
  glow   September
  flow   October


Homework 25.10.19

Please find an extra homework activity in purple homework books.

Mrs.Vella's RWI group Miss Morris' RWI group Miss Biundo's RWI
bird claw chew


jaw blew 
third paw knew
out straw new
loud care conspire
shout bare fire
found spare wire
sound square inspire


Mrs Vella's RWI group Miss Morris' RWI group Miss Biundo's RWI group  Independent spelling group
air rose throat slowly
fair rope coat quickly
hair home toast wisely
stair those road crossly
lair spoke train useful
chair stole chain helpful
    rain careful
    drain wonderful


Homework 18.10.19


Mathletics tasks have been set for every child, focusing on greater than and less than and also some additional practice of ordering numbers. 

Please see spellings for this week in the table above. 

Spellings 11.10.19


Mrs Vella's Group Miss Morris's Group Miss Biundo's Group Off Read Write Inc
car coin better undo
bar join after untie
star voice weather untidy
sort choice never untrue
fork coach brown dislike
short toad now disobey
horse roast how disagree
    down disappear
    purse distrust


Homework 11.10.19

Come and See focus:

Please can you bring in to a school a photo or memento from your Baptism (if you have been Baptised). 

Maths homework: Mathletics tasks have been set for each child, please log in to access the assigned tasks.

Homework 04.10.19

Please see homework books in book bags for this week's written homework task.

Mathletics tasks have been set for every child.




Mrs Vella's Read Write Inc Group Miss Morris's Read Write Inc Group Miss Biundo's Read Write Inc Group Off Read Write Inc Group
look tea saw conversation
book please law celebration
took cheat dawn tradition
foot eat burn exploration
shook clean turn attention
  dream hurt  
  seat share  
  real square  


 Spellings 27.09.19

Mrs Vella's Read Write Inc Group Miss Morris's Read Write Inc Group Miss Biundo's Read Write Inc Group Off Read Write Inc Group
low out smile fly
blow shout white sky
snow loud nice shy
show mouth like cycle
know round time python
slow found hide sigh
  ground ride sight
  sound price fight


 Homework Task 27.9.19

Next week, we are going to be writing stories about 'The Magic Torch.' Your homework task is to create the magic torch that you used on your story planning sheet in school on Friday. You can use any media you like (maybe some recyclable materials) or a real torch! If you draw it, you might want to label it with all the amazing and unique things that your torch has on it! How do you switch your torch on? What colour is it? What patterns are on it? What do you see when you switch it on? What noises / sounds does it make? What happens after you've switched it on? Where does your magic torch take you?


Mathletics tasks have been set for all children to complete online before Wednesday. There are books available online on Bug Club for children to access and enjoy.


Please see the table above for this week's spelling lists. Thank you!



Homework 20.09.19


For homework this week, please can children design a new mascot for the Welsh Team. You can use pencils, felt tips, paint, ICT or even a 3D model if you want to! Don't forget that on Monday (23rd September) it is Rugby World Cup Day, so you can wear your Welsh rugby shirt (or a top which is red) all day in school. Please remember that homework must be handed in by Wednesday Thank you!


Mathletics tasks have been set for every child to complete as part of this week's homework and please try to access Bug Club for some extra reading too.


Spellings (this week's spellings are based on our daily Read Write Inc groups - your child will know who teaches them. Some children are off Read Write Inc).


Mrs Vella's Group Miss Morris's Group Miss Biundo's Group Off Read Write Inc Group
see hard paid candle
seen park snail handle
high smart chain paddle
light sharp train middle
might shark play crumble
bright fork spray grumble
  short make angle
  snort blame bangle
    snake single





Homework 13.09.19


For homework this week, please help your child learn to independently login to Mathletics. Username and password information has been put in every book bag. The children must be able to locate the website (perhaps using the St Philip Evans school homepage or google) and then login, on their own, by accurately typing in their login details. Please learn the spelling words provided below (children will be tested on Friday 20th September) and please read with your child every day. 

We have also provided Active Learn / Bug Club login details in your child's book bag (all usernames and passwords have been reset for this year!) if you could explore these sites as well.  These login details (including Mathletics) have been made for your own safekeeping, so that your child can always access these websites at home. 

Thank you. 





















































Friday 6th September 2019

Homework is due on Wednesday 11th September 2019

Can you create a rainbow using any creative media? This could be collage, paint and your work can be 2-d or 3-d.

Maths: Mathletics tasks linked to place value

Reading books & Bug club books online

Spellings- the children should know their groups by now.

Coch and Glas

Oren and Gwyrdd




























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