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St Philip Evans Catholic Primary School

We live the Gospel message as we worship, learn and play Dyn ni’n byw negas efengyl wrth i ni addoli, dysgu a chwarae

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St David’s Day Service Friday 27th February 2015


On Friday 27th February Father Gareth came to say a prayer service with the children in Key stage 2 to celebrate St David’s Day and reflect on why we remember our patron saint at this time of year. The children participated through saying prayer, singing hymns in Welsh and English and through answering questions. The service allowed us to reflect upon the importance messages St.  David taught us about our faith and we also thought about how we can follow in his footsteps. It is important to remember our patron saint as a national symbol and also as a leader, teacher and evangelist. The children acted reverently and all contributed meaningfully to our special tribute to our national saint.


Here is one of our prayers of thanksgiving for St. David:


Dear God,

Thank you for St David, and for all the special people down through the ages  who have given us examples of how to live.

Help us today to remember all that we have learnt about how to live a good life.

Help us to be kind and caring, to be honest and sharing.

Help us to stop and think when our problems and difficulties seem too big to deal with.

Help us to use our common sense, like St David did, to find a way out.

And when our common sense fails us, help us to have faith.

We pray to the Lord…

BIG FOOT THEATRE COMPANY- Performances and Workshops


On Tuesday and Thursday following St. David's Day the school welcomed the Big foot Theatre Company to help us celebrate our Welsh heritage in honour of our Patron Saint's Feast Day by performing tales from the Welsh collection of myths the Mabinogion. The stories of the Mabinogion are Welsh tales that have been told for millenia and are infamous across the world as adventure filled legends of epic proportions.


The pupils in Key Stage 2 were treated to the retelling of the famous, yet tragic tale of Branwen Ferch Llyr; the actors from Big Foot Theatre Company retold the story in an exciting way that left the children sitting on the edge of their seats. Following this the children took part in workshops that helped them to act out the tale and develop their own drama skillls whilst deepening their understanding of story structures.


Year 6 will be continuing to study the story of Branwen next week in their literacy sessions when they strive to master the skill of writing creatively whilst utilising a variety of sentence structures.

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